Ferran Palau: "I am an activist, but without protest letters"

Ferrán Palau, in a promotional image

Ferrán Palau, in a promotional image

The diversity in general, and gender diversity in particular, are the issues they plan on 'Parc', the latest album by Ferran Palau, a musician who considers himself an activist, but without vindictive lyrics or obvious proclamations because "things are more powerful when you don't say them, but do them."

In an interview with Efe, the Catalan composer has acknowledged that the message he launches in his fifth album is more evident in the graphic image or in the video clips than in the songs themselves. "I like the songs to be openThat they are like containers that people can fill, but the musical themes are only a small part of a gear that includes other forms of expression, "he says.

In those other forms of expression that make up 'Parc' is where the Palau proposes parallelism between horror films, specifically slasher cinema, and gender diversity. The typography that Martí Serra has designed for the album is full of vowels and consonants that melt and tremble with fear like the 'Creepshow'.

Among the protagonists of the video clip of the title song are two twins who are the LGTBIQ + version of 'El Resplandor', as well as nods to the clown aesthetic of 'It' and 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. Some disturbing references that might seem distant from the atmospheric, nostalgic and poetic music of the calm spirit of Ferran Palau, but which are actually very much his own.

"At the age of ten and eleven I was very fond of these movies and I loved those costume shops where you could find a severed head - he remembers - In fact, before wanting to be a musician, I wanted to make horror movies." "Not so much anymore, but I keep the fans. I am a 'geek' who feels comfortable in environments like the Sitges Festival", recognize.

On this album, he has paid the outstanding debt that he feels he owes to this hobby and it has served to launch his message because horror movies "are a good parallel with the other theme of the album: gender diversity and diversity in general."

"If you bring the monsters from the movies to our society, who are they? It seems clear that they are the ones who feel different, the ones who notice the look of others," he says. In his opinion, "perhaps the time has come to turn the tables and make these people feel good in society. That would be the real revolution."

Ferran Palau has always been a 'geek' and a defender of those who, like him, feel different, but the fact that your son is 'trans' has taught him many things and strengthened his activism. But his music has not changed - "the essence remains the same as that of the first album", he says - although he recognizes that, in the arrangements, he has evolved from the folk-pop of his beginnings to the influences "of hip-hop, the urban music and soul of our days ", which can be appreciated in" Parc ".

In any case, the ultimate goal of his music remains the same: "that people disappear from reality and appear in another place." Those who want to disappear transported by the metaphysical pop of Ferran Palau will be able to do so tomorrow, February 20 at the Reina Victoria Theater in Madrid, together with El Petit de Cal Eril, or on April 24 at the Guitar Bcn festival in Barcelona.


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