Fernando Vidal: "Our position is clear, we must go to a league of 24 teams in the Second Division" - La Provincia

The president of the Sports, Fernando Vidal (A Coruña, 1962), is convinced that the resources that the club will present against the decision of postpone the match before him Fuenlabrada Monday they will prosper and for this reason the club will reach "the last consequences". The objective of the entity, given the impossibility of repeating the day, is that next season 24 teams will participate in the Second Division and the descent of both the Blue and Whites as well as Numancia will be annulled.

What feelings are there in the club before this match that will be played in the offices?

As the hours go by I think there is a party because the outrage rises over time. Yesterday [por el lunes]we suffered a collision at the level of competition that has to be corrected. We understand that it is not worth playing the game against Fuenlabrada if the other games are not played at the same time. The whole day should be repeated. As we understand that this is going to be materially impossible due to health issues, due to the positives of Fuenlabrada, the LaLiga and the Federation, they will have to make some kind of decision that compensates for all this flagrant mistake they have had in the competition, because it is reflected in the Federation circular how you compete in the last two days of the League and all the teams involved in the same goal have to play at the same time.

That the day is disputed again seems improbable, what is the club's strategy?

We request that this entire day be canceled and repeated. That is not a problem for Deportivo because it is not the cause of the injury to the competition. This morning [por ayer] we have transferred him to the president of LaLiga [Javier Tebas] that both Numancia and Deportivo cannot descend because the competition is not over. Our stance is clear, you have to go to a league of 24 teams in the Second Division. The way in which you compete, either with play off or with direct promotion to reduce days, is a matter of regulation that the technicians must study to see how it can be done, but I do not see another solution at the moment.

What did Javier Tebas transfer to them?

We have a total discrepancy in the way of interpreting the last day. LaLiga understands that it is a cause of force majeure, that this decision was made and that it was the best for everyone. I told him that we are in total disagreement because what he does violates and corrupts the fair play of the competition. It is not the same as the teams that have played, as in this case, in which their rivals, Deportivo and Fuenlabrada, are not playing their match at that time. That is very clear and there is no doubt that the competition has been adulterated. The legislation is clear in that regard.

Is Deportivo going to play the match against Fuenlabrada in the event that a date is set?

We are demanding that the day must be repeated in full, knowing that this is practically impossible because they have made a serious mistake. The players are at the club's disposal and we have given them a few days of vacation because they have been playing for many days every few hours, but we know that it will be almost impossible to play the game. When are we going to play? In August? When is it going to be possible from a health point of view to play that game? That day has to be canceled and Deportivo and Numancia, who had a chance to stay, cannot go down in any way possible.

Have you had contacts with the Federation?

A counselor has contacted the Federation, the AFE (Association of Spanish Soccer Players) and the rest of the clubs that are affected. We have been in contact with Elche, with Rayo and with Numancia, who like us is one of the victims.

Will all affected clubs go hand in hand in their claims?

Of course. The more force we all make, the more possibilities there will be for the result to be better. We all have to go hand in hand because it is a huge outrage for the club and for the city. The principle of equality that governs competition has been violated. All those involved, including the Council and the Xunta, must go hand in hand to fight this injustice.

In addition to the sports loss there is the public health problem that has been generated ...

Aside from sports, we are studying what has to do with public health because there has been negligent behavior on the part of the club (Fuenlabrada). Every hour news about this crisis appears and in the end what they have done is put a focus of contagion on the city and a major public health problem can be generated.

Do you think that if the government through the Higher Sports Council (CSD) were not involved in the decision to play there would have been more forceful institutional reactions?

I am not aware that the Government is involved in the decision. What they have told me is that the decision is made in unison by LaLiga and the Federation. The Higher Sports Council, as they tell me, did not press for the games to be played.

What has failed for a team with several infected to move to another city to play a game?

The information I have is that the protocol has been applied correctly, but communication has failed. Communication has been dark at all times. What I can not say is what I do not have data. I have them from those who are telling us, but everything indicates that the Fuenlabrada at no time should have traveled to A Coruña.

Would the social pressure exerted be of any use in this case?

The social mass is on the side of the club and we have to express before the A Coruña society what is the position we have before an arbitrary position that seriously damages the interests of football.

Would you be in favor of a demonstration, for example?

No. In the sanitary conditions we are in right now, you have to be very cautious with that kind of thing. I think yesterday [por el lunes] the reception to the team was exemplary. People were wearing their masks and keeping their distance, but you have to be very careful because you can't have a new source of infection. We must look very carefully at the mechanisms with which our people can express themselves without risk.

What deadlines does the club manage so that the conflict can be resolved?

It will depend on each of the resources. I imagine that our initial claim before the Federation will be dismissed and will end in the TAD (Administrative Court of Sport). In a week we would appeal to the TAD and from there will be the deadlines set by them. They will have to make a decision as quickly as possible because there are also the promotion playoffs pending, it cannot take much longer. Hence also the madness of playing on the 30th against Fuenlabrada. From a health point of view, this is impossible because the quarantines are for 14 days and they have to confine the entire team. They have to make an order decision as soon as possible.

Do you contemplate reaching ordinary justice?

We will go to the last consequences with this. Since we are convinced that this is a true aberration, we have to go to the last consequences. It is a total and absolute outrage. You can not play a split day and opens a precedent that the last days can be played like this for any reason from now on. When it was the case of Reyes' fatal accident, the whole day of the Second Division was postponed and yesterday was a much more serious cause of force majeure because it involves infections and affects an entire team. There is no place to take this whole issue, I see it so clearly that I do not contemplate any other interpretation than the one we have at the club.


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