Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Fernando Tejero gets involved in defining 'LGTBIQ +' to the children of Telemadrid

The children of the program Telemadrid

Back to school
have received in their last show the actor Fernando Tejero. A visit that has not been without controversy after the interpreter had a problem, a confusion, when explaining the meaning of LGTBIQ + during a minute.

"This is like an organization," he began by saying that he was the most famous goalkeeper of generalist national television, "that defends, that tries to defend and, well, that obtains it ”, He continued to realize that his argument was not entirely what he wanted to express, "the rights of all people regardless of their sexual preference."

"Gay, lesbian, transsexuals … I don't know if I forget any more"

At that point Tejero started to enumerate the different types of people that encompass the LGTBIQ + meaning, however, he also bundled: “Gay, lesbian, transsexuals… I don't know if I forget any more ”. A definition that was not correct since it also forgot the bisexual, intersex, queer and any other type of identity that does not correspond to the previous ones.

“These acronyms mean that,” said the actor, convinced that LGTBIQ + “is like an association, I repeat, that what he intends to fight for something as necessary as the rights of any person who thinks sexually differently mode". At least that is how he tried to explain it to some children who realized how doubtful the actor was.

That is precisely why one of the girls asked her to explain it again, since she had not understood him. At that point, Fernando Tejero asked Elsa, the young student with doubts, to approach the board to explain it closely: “Let's see, I am a man and I like it, to be my partner, another man ”.

"Then," continued the actor, "maybe there is one of the gentlemen who are working around here who likes women, but I think that I deserve the same rights and respect as that other lord who likes women and me men ”. An explanation that finished convincing some children who applauded Tejero for his final defense.

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