July 25, 2021

Fernando Simón: “8M has nothing to do with the pandemic”

Fernando Simón during the program.

Fernando Simón during the program.

It was one of the most anticipated television appointments as well as criticized and it did not take long. Fernando Simon, direct from the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies and television face of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain this Friday night he became the protagonist of the day again with his appearance in ‘Planeta Calleja’.

Simon, who came along with Jesus Calleja, where they did climbing and various adventure sports, he did not hesitate to open up to the famous presenter and spoke about the coronavirus and even its beginnings. “The possibility was seen that it would arrive in Spain. The problem in Europe was amplified when Italy had massive transmission“he commented.

“On January 16 we started working up to 16 hours a day. Epidemiological data began to make a significant qualitative and quantitative leap on March 9-10. He 8-M The risk of the people who could participate in this demonstration was the equivalent of going by subway every day at that time, “the expert explained.

The doctor recalled when they began to think about taking action: “I proposed the options that could help control the problem. The decision was made by the people who are entitled to make these decisions. For weeks I had weekly meetings with the presidents and part of the Executive. There were many doubts and many fears to make drastic decisions that would have drastic measures in the national economy, as if any country took it. At a certain point in the disease, in addition to transmission, there were problems responding to severe cases. We had the system at risk of collapsing. ”

He spoke of the responsibility of all the deaths that have occurred for him during the health catastrophe, “each of the victims of coronavirus; He gave hygienic advice and showed his usual sympathy with Calleja. He also wanted to talk about the vaccine, which he cautiously pointed out that once it was on the market everything would be different. “Next summer will have nothing to do with this one,” she said, giving a message of hope to Calleja and the audience.

With a clear conscience, the expert also wanted to make a statement about the way and time to take measures during the crisis. “With the data we had, the decisions that were made were the ones that had to be made, although some could have been taken a little earlier. What we have done we did knowing that we were going to save lives. I don’t know what would have happened if I had done something else. ”


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