Fernando Navarro aspires to lead Podem in Valencia to put him "at the forefront of the social and political response"

Navarro presents the proposal 'Podem al capdavant' and aims to "open a more rational and strategic discussion within the framework of the Podem congressional process, focusing on the importance of adopting a more courageous role in Valencian politics and consolidating the level municipal before a future that is expected hectic, "as explained in a statement.

Navarro has highlighted that his project is made up of grassroots activists and other leaders with "an extensive track record" in the purple formation with the aim of "opening the debate around the Valencian Citizen Assembly and setting it in the challenge that Podem has to stretch to the maximum the Valencian institutions "in order to" protect the citizens against the economic crisis that COVID-19 is causing ".

In the same vein, it aims to "equip Podem municipal circles with the training and capacity to intervene in a context of social unrest and the need for mobilization", with the aim of "defending against unsupportive attacks by the right, the measures of the different progressive governments and demand more courageous policies. "

'Podem al capdavant' aspires to open the discussions already underway regarding the process to focus on the importance of training the local militancy to increase the organization's presence in the social fabric in a context of mobilization of the right against progressive governments and the need to adopt a more offensive political strategy to increase the degree of transformation of the policies implemented by these governments.

Fernando Navarro (1993) has been a member of Podem since its foundation as a party, where he has held different tasks related to different territorial levels of the organization. Since June 2019, he has been a spokesperson for Podem EUPV at the Castelló City Council and holds the powers related to the ecological transition in the municipal government.


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