February 26, 2021

Fernando López Miras, invested president of the Region of Murcia with the support of PP, Cs and Vox

The vote has been the culmination of a second investiture debate, which has lasted for two days – last Wednesday and Friday, after a first debate failed in early July for Vox's rejection – in the Regional Assembly, and its result has ratified the agreement reached days ago between PP, Citizens and Vox to facilitate governance in the Region of Murcia.

Specifically, PP and Citizens have a pact to form a coalition government in which the orange formation will take over four councils, while the popular five.

On the other hand, Vox has been defending that they reached an investor agreement so that López Miras could be president of the Community, but without asking for public office, since they prefer to go to the opposition and negotiate their support.

López Miras will be the seventh president of the Autonomous Community of Murcia and the fourth of the Popular Party. As head of the Regional Executive, he has been preceded by the socialists Andrés Hernández Ros, Carlos Collado Mena and María Antonia Martínez and their co-religionists Ramón Luis Valcárcel, Alberto Garre and Pedro Antonio Sánchez.

The inauguration of Fernando López Miras as president of the Region of Murcia will take place next Monday morning, in the church of San Esteban in Murcia.


After receiving the support of the Chamber in the vote that took place this Friday in the Regional Assembly, López Miras has announced that the composition of his government team will be known over the next week.

López Miras has been proud that the Region has "set an example" and recalled that there is currently "a change of era in politics that requires politicians who live up to the circumstances and who have a viewpoint, ability to dialogue, agreement and consensus, always, with a common goal: the benefit of Murcia. "

He has promised that, after his inauguration next Monday, he will work "from sun to sun, which is what we know how to do the members of the Popular Party, what my president will demand and what each one deserves of the citizens of the Region of Murcia ".

For its part, the spokesperson of the VOX Parliamentary Group, Juan José Liarte, has considered that this legislature will be "exciting", since we are attending "a change of time and time" in which from now on "it is convenient that let's assume that good governance will have to be based on agreements. "

On this point, he pointed out that his work in the coming years will be to make opposition and to propose "beneficial" initiatives for all citizens.

The PP Government partner, Ciudadanos, hopes that from now on "the dialogue and understanding that existed when negotiating between the three parties would be maintained so that the investiture of Fernando López Miras was possible.

The leader of the orange formation in the Region, Isabel Franco, said she says that now is the "moment" to implement the liberal policies that her party has defended and insisted that they will work from "minute one" for The interests of the Region.


The spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group, Joaquín Segado, has asked the parties from the rest of Spain to be able to "look at each other" and reach agreements. Mowed, who congratulated López Miras for his "success and his investiture" believes that today in the Region there has been an answer to what society asked for at the polls on May 26.

"He asked us to understand each other, to govern the center-right options, to be generous," he said, recalling that he has been able to share a "serious and stable" project, unlocking the political situation in the Region.

But this understanding does not convince the spokesman of the PSOE, Diego Conesa, who has reiterated that the pact reached between PP, Cs and VOX is "unstable", as they already said and will last, in the words of the VOX spokesman, "until next Tuesday".

Conesa has criticized that the new government is more focused on criticizing the PSOE than launching concrete proposals to face the challenges of the Region.

"Nothing has been raised in poverty or climate change," he said recalling that Citizens prefer to agree with PP, "the party of corruption" and VOX, "the Trojan horse that wants to end the Spain designed by the parents of the Constitution "to do it with the socialists.

Finally, the spokesman of the Mixed Group in the Regional Assembly, a member of United We can, Óscar Urralburu has announced that now he begins his opposition work in which they will denounce the "abuses and errors of ultra-rightist policies".

Urralburu describes this Friday as a "sad" day for the Region in which it considers that not only the regional government has remained in the hands of the extreme right, but that social and Health and Education policies have also been left to the Abascal party.

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