Fernando Colomo and Benito Zambrano will premiere their new films at the Seminci

The 66th Valladolid International Film Week (Seminci) will celebrate between October 23 and 30 a new installment whose content and structure will recover much of the normality prior to the coronavirus pandemic, after “a year of survival”, in words of its director, Javier Angulo. The Spanish Clara Roquet will open with Liberty, its premiere in the feature film, the official section of a festival attentive to European cinema, interested in female directors and that will counterbalance the profusion of emerging values ​​with the presence of prestigious authors such as Robert Guediguian, Paul Schrader, Carlos Saura and Deepa Mehta.

The Seminci will host the V Forum of Women Filmmakers, dedicated to screenwriters

The Seminci will host the V Forum of Women Filmmakers, dedicated to screenwriters

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There will be twenty-three films, three of them out of competition, which will be examined by an international jury chaired by the Indian filmmaker Deepa Mehta who, with her latest work (Funny boy) It will close a festival that has Argentina as the guest country, Emma Suárez in the role of godmother and seven references for its Spikes of Honor.

The directors Juan José Campanella and Álex de la Iglesia, who will also give master classes, will receive their corresponding Spikes of Honor as will the directors of photography Vittorio Storaro and José Luis Alcaine, and the actors Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Mercedes Sampietro and José Coronado .

Hybrid model

The Valladolid festival, with the experience accumulated during the pandemic, will maintain a hybrid format: in person in principle at 75 percent of the capacity in the main sections, and online through the Filmin platform, which will be screened by Ventana Cinéfila, the section dedicated to the children and adolescents as a pool of new audiences.

“Experience has shown us that the cinema in theaters and the ‘online’ format are compatible,” Angulo pointed out before recalling that the pandemic, although with a lower incidence that has allowed the lifting of many restrictions, “continues to haunt”, therefore that other preventive measures such as an empty seat among unaccompanied spectators will be maintained.

All mass events such as receptions, cocktails or parties will be suppressed, and the welcome and closing mat will limit the presence to a hundred spectators in open-air stands, the director pointed out in front of the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente.

Angulo, fourteen editions at the head of the Seminci, has also highlighted the special screenings on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the director Luis García Berlanga and the actor Fernando Fernán Gómez; the fifty years of the premiere at the festival of The Clockwork Orange; the half century of the concert of The Beatles in Bangladesh; and the ten years since the announcement of the cessation of violence by the terrorist group ETA.

The contest will premiere the latest works of Fernando Colomo (Be careful what you wish for) and Benito Zambrano (Lemon bread and poppy seeds), and will screen the winning film of the last Venice festival in the official section, The event, by Audrey Diwan.

The Seminci Channel will broadcast almost twice as many acts as during its premiere, in the 2020 edition, and will premiere a soundtrack with the music and voices of the most representative protagonists of this new installment, including the voice of Fernando Fernán Gómez, the flamenco rumba of Bambino, the musical zarabanda of “Welcome, Mister Marshall” and chords of The Beatles by Indian interpreters.

“This new edition is going to be that of recovery, that of the search for normality because it will approach the structure of 2020, a year from which it succeeded. After betting on it (during the pandemic), time has It has been shown that it was a success, since that extra effort in the midst of restrictions and uncertainty obtained the support of the public, “said the mayor.

Due to its quality and content, the 66th Seminci “is going to score very high”, he insisted during the official presentation of this new edition to the media, sponsors and institutions.


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