October 22, 2020

Fernando Alonso is sincere: “Things have been told that are not true”

Fernando Alonso has given a sincere interview to F1 Racing magazine ensuring that the media have not always told things how they happened. For example, him Brazilian Grand Prix 2012, where he lost the title against Sebastian Vettel and there were some images of him still, like and “in shock”, but he was not: “Things have been told that are not true. That day I got out of the car and looked at Felipe, who for some reason could not stop crying. He was with his mechanics and his wife, I was standing there waiting for him, to see if he was okay. The news was that I was shocked or sad. I wanted to give Felipe a hug, ”he says.

He denies that during his Formula 1 career he was selfish: “I heard people say that I was selfish in my career, but at Ferrari and other teams I used to share my bonuses with my mechanics. I thought that if we got a podium or a victory, it wasn’t just for me but for the team’s work, so if I won 27,000 euros, I shared them with my team, ”he continues. “When I join a project, I commit 100% to that team, I dedicate my life to that team and those people and they appreciate it. The last thing I am is selfish. What have I done better than my teammates? I can’t apologize for that, ”he adds.

Instead, he does regret what he said about the Honda engine during the 2015 Japanese Grand Prix: “I said it out of frustration and Maybe I shouldn’t have said it, but I didn’t say it for televisions or at a press conference. I was talking to my engineer in a private conversation. It was not supposed to be public, but the engine was very bad. The first year in Jerez, in four days we completed seven laps. ” They still remind him: “Now Honda wins a race and I receive many messages in which I read‘ Victories with the GP engine now, it must be a sad day for you. ” I am very happy, but the engine I had in the car was not the same one that won in Brazil, ”Alonso explains to finish


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