Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Fernando Alonso: "I think I'm the best driver in the world" - La Provincia

Fernando Alonso: "I think I'm the best driver in the world" - La Provincia

The Spanish Fernando Alonso has said that he feels "the best pilot in the world", although that is something "difficult to demonstrate in the Formula 1", where "the right car to win" is needed, and he added that at 37 he does not think about retiring and will continue to pilot while "competitive".

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"I think I'm the best driver in the world. We all think we are the best. But it is difficult to prove it, especially in Formula 1, where you can not do it if you do not have the right car, "said Alonso in statements to 'RaceFans' which includes Europa Press.

In any case, he recalled that has been "very competitive for many years in Formula 1" and also "fortunate enough to win championships." "Even my last season was probably the best with 21-0 in qualifying on my teammate, something I had never done in my career," he recalled about the last championship, where F1 changed for new challenges.

"Now my goals are to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans, win at Daytona, win Sebring, I hope to be competitive in the Indy 500 and some other things, something that is probably unprecedented in sports. I am looking for challenges, "he explained, adding that he does not perform this search" for fun ", but" for the difficulty ".

Finally, the Spaniard did not set an expiration date as a pilot. "I will continue to drive while I feel competitive, maybe one day I'll get into a Formula 1 car and there will be a driver who is faster than me with the same car, so I know that has never happened, so I will continue to drive", he concluded. .


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