Fernando Alonso continues the "pique" with Calleja: "What happened to you Jesus?"

The former Formula 1 driver has "filmed" the second chapter of his hesitation with the TV host during the Dakar tests, which this year hosts Saudi Arabia

Fernando Alonso and Jesús Calleja are coinciding these days in the Dakar tests, the set-up to go to the hardest raid in the world as prepared as possible. Just as yesterday it was Calleja who made fun of Alonso for a mechanical failure of the Toyota that he helped solve, today it is the television adventurer who had problems with his car. Obviously, the expilot of Formula 1, who has a very good relationship with Calleja, did not want to miss the opportunity to return the hesitation to his countryman with a "What happened to Jesus?". Alonso's laureate co-pilot Marc Coma also participated in the joke.

«What happened to you Jesus?», Alonso begins in the story he published on his Instagram account, to which Calleja responds without losing the joke: «Nothing, I left your car and you broke my gearbox ». "We have broken the fourth, fifth and sixth," the television presenter and pilot of the Dakar finally acknowledged. "By rough", Alonso added and "we are only going in sixth," Coma said with a laugh.


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