Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Fernández Díaz claims to know who manipulated the audio with De Alfonso although “it is not prudent” to reveal it

The former Minister of the Interior of the PP Jorge Fernandez Diaz He referred to the recording of a meeting he held with the head of the Antifrau Office of Catalonia, Daniel de Alfonso, shortly before the 9N consultation in 2014 and which was broadcast in 2016.

Fernández Díaz has assured that the document that he transcended was "manipulated" and has assured that he never pronounced phrases like "the Prosecutor's Office refines it" or "we have destroyed the health system (to Catalonia)."

"I know perfectly well who did it," he warned, although he said that he considers it "not wise" to reveal it yet.

In their opinion, with the filtration of the “manipulated” audios, the authors intended to make Mariano Rajoy fall so that, after the 2016 electoral repetition, a technocrat, a “white blackbird” could be presented to the investiture in the style of Mario Monti in Italy.

The "patriotic police"

The former minister has denied proof of the existence of an agency with the mission of investigating and incriminating Catalan independence leaders

The former minister has denied that in his ministerial stage he was aware of the existence of a "patriotic police" with the mission of investigating and incriminating Catalan independence leaders.

"If by patriotic police we mean a group of police officers who were charged with investigating independence leaders especially and, in addition, they had or did not have any information that they had committed illegal acts, incriminate them, that is absolutely false. Never, never, ”he said in an interview in Catalunya Ràdio.

Fernández Díaz, who was in charge of the Ministry of Interior between 2011 and 2016, years of hatching of the you process, just published Every day has its desire (Ediciones Peninsula), a book that reviews four decades of political career.


He claims not to have dispatched with the commissioner during his term

The former minister stressed that during his tenure he never dispatched with Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, appointed as the greatest exponent of the group of police commissioners who allegedly investigated government political rivals.

"That name of Operation Catalunya I learned later," said Fernández Díaz, referring to police reports leaked to the media about alleged accounts in Switzerland by Artur Mas or Xavier Trias, in addition to those of the Pujol family.

The former did not have any judicial proceedings and the latter are still investigated at the National Court.

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