Fernández closes his cycle in Asturias with a budget agreed with Podemos

Fernández closes his cycle in Asturias with a budget agreed with Podemos

The government of socialist Javier Fernandez will close his six-year term in Asturias managing a budget agreed with Podemos, for the first time in this term, and also has the support of IU after having relied on the PP in 2015 and 2017 to move forward the bills.

The text has been approved today by the plenary of the regional parliament after rejecting the 250 partial amendments of PP, Forum and CS and has thus opened the way to accounts of 4,524 million – 0.8 percent more than those rejected in 2017- They allocate 68 percent of their funds to social spending and 357 million to investments.

This first agreement between the PSOE and Podemos "leaves behind an unjust austerity" despite the fact that it took four years to break a socialist-popular alliance that brought "bad budgets for Asturias and that in Spain brought nothing more and nothing less than Mariano Rajoy ", according to the purple spokesman, Enrique López,

In his opinion, before a PSOE raised "to the wave of cuts" Podemos has achieved the regional legislature is not "waste" despite it is not "easy" to move in the institutional field since "the carpet throws a lot" to the Once he has warned that a real government of change in Asturias "will be of Podemos or it will not be".

On the contrary, for the deputy of the PP José Agustín Cuervas-Mons the fact that the Government of Javier Fernández opted for the end of his term to surrender "to the radical left" generates a political situation that "does not look good for Asturias".

For IU, it is a good budget, useful for Asturias, which creates employment and strengthens public services and which is the result of an agreement between a parliamentary majority without there being reasons for its approval "scare the right so much", to trial of the parliamentarian of the Concha Masa coalition.

According to the Forum, the 2019 accounts are "continuists" with respect to previous years, although now they have been prepared "by the left tripartite" while Citizens has questioned the progressive nature of some accounts that, in their opinion, have "no progress" economic or social progress ".


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