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Fernanda Orazi just Doña Rosita on December 29 and the rehearsals of Happy days January 13 In both, a surprise: his partner is and will be Francesco Carril. “It is a gift that in both works, and so different, is Francesco. Isn't it amazing to do two works in a row? ”He tells me. “I believe a lot in fellow travelers: there is personal growth and growth with others. Roots much more. Francesco is young, but it's as if he had lived several lives. ” It's nice to hear from Orazi: almost as much as watching her act. There goes one of the best paragraphs in the morning: “The theater, unlike other arts, needs to generate belonging, community. Family, even. ” Think for a moment. He says, suddenly: “And territory. Recognize yourself in others. ”

Also, I tell you, a rare coincidence: two works with the same actor, and with two Pablos: Remón Y Messiez. “They are very different and with very different universes, but they agree that they live a huge freedom to create, without prejudice, and they radically believe in what they do and want.” With Remón did Forty years of peace Y Barbados, etc.. With Pablo Messiez they have a lot of life and a lot of theater behind their backs. “We are almost brothers. We both came from Buenos Aires and made family here. Recently we did there Tropical night fallsbecause we both adore Manuel Puig, but we had not premiered together in Madrid for a long time. Our emotional memory of the theater is in Madrid, ”he adds. So, after Doña Rosita, scored, from Remón, in the Theaters del Canal, arrives Happy days, the Beckett classic directed by Messiez. I don't know who said, I tell him, that the key to his work is to sustain life with words. "True. Look, I don't know how that is going to turn out, but I was telling Messiez that Beckett's universe has so much to do with that relationship and it moves me so much ... And I marvel. When Heading for worse It fell into my hands, I thought it was the most incredible thing I read in my life. ”

Another good news: Orazi is going to publish a book about the interpretation in the publishing house With ink you have me. “I realized,” he tells me, “that I had suddenly written 100 notes, and they were leaving the performance, where else? I still have no title, but it could be Multiplied life, because for me that is the theater. That is the central idea. Since life cannot be extended, perhaps the theater was invented to widen it. On several sides, because part of my job is acting training. ” He tells me about teachers, with Ciro Zorzoli in the lead, and crazy projects: “I want to do Medea, for example, and then a comedy relocates. I envy people like Capusoto, whom you know. And I think that Medea It is not in the solemn place of some tragedies. ” Good mix, I say: Medea and Capusoto. “If you give me a choice, laugh. Laughter is the summum of life, ”says Orazi.


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