Fermín Muguruza: "I was born in a border, it is logical my desire to break them" | Culture

Fermín Muguruza: "I was born in a border, it is logical my desire to break them" | Culture

Albert Pla, with whom he collaborated with Raül Refree in the play War, He says that every time he congratulates him for something he is already in something else, as if it were impossible to stop seeing him for a few weeks without being involved in a new project. "You're always late," Pla said recently about it. So is Fermín Muguruza, portrayed also in his electrifying activity in The bridges of Moscow, Alfonso Zapico's comic book, largely located in Moscow, the Irunese square, so emotionally linked to Fermín Muguruza. And this is how the most famous artist of Irún along with Luis Mariano spends his days, chaining projects. The last, linked to his premiere as a film director in Black Is Beltza, is the soundtrack of this animated film, an album with 32 cuts "that does not stop being a journey through the movie, something with which I look for what I lived with the soundtrack of Apocalypse Now, that like the Black Is Beltza It includes voices and dialogues that place you in the context of the film, "he says, wearing a T-shirt from one of his myths, Toots Hibert.

In this way, incidental tracks composed by Raül Refree, producer of the album, they coexist amalgamated with songs composed ex profeso, along with others recovered and even some composed but never before edited, case of the delicate piece of Manu Chao Seeds Of Freedom, giving rise to a frieze of music in which overlapping sounds of the Maghreb, Latin America, the United States of the sixties and Euskadi itself. A map of the world? "For someone born in a border city like me, someone who has been imposed a border with which to live every day, the desire to break boundaries is very accentuated. In the same way that they were imposed on me, I want to overcome them, go further ". Is purity then the closest thing to the mix? It seems an inevitable but naive question to those who have made hybridity the saint and sign of their music, "purity is detestable, not at all defensible, the opposite of dialogue, interaction and interdependence of cultures, "he responds passionately, as if life were in each phrase. "He thinks that the trikitrixa – a small key diatonic accordion in Euskaldun folklore – the Italians bequeathed to us," he concludes.

The curious thing about the album, in which there are also pieces from the sixties, such as The Velvelettes, is that he focuses part of his plot look in the sixties, a time before the sources where Fermín's music was born. made throughout its history: "is that I wanted to ignore the music and social scenes of what I have lived, and in the sixties, and particularly between 65 and 67, many things happened that are reflected in the film." Over here we should read the recovery of Errespetua of Negu Gorriak, the version they made of the Ottis classic made by Aretha Franklin. And speaking of Aretha, it emphasizes the nourished feminine representation in the distribution of the disc, with artists such as Anari, excellent its version of the Apur dezagun katea by Mikel Laboa, Iseo, Maika Makovski, Ceci Batista or The Sey Sisters, "I have witnessed multiple times the disproportionate treatment of women in the world, and it is not that I wanted to compensate for it, it is that with all those that appear, there is a relationship and besides, most of my life I have worked with women ", ditch before any suggestion of parity forced by political correctness.

The time of the interview is over. Jone, his wife and collaborator, scrutinizes the clock thinking about the next appointment. Time to get interested in the arguments that brought him closer to Raül Refree, whom he met at the beginning of the 2000s as director of the group he recorded The Rockdelux Experience, a choral disc: "besides being able to work with the most disparate artists, he is a person who, if you squeeze the skin, sprout musical notes". He walks at a brisk pace, his way of walking and living. Projects ?, inevitable question waiting for a string of them: "this time I'm going to concentrate on the promo of the film and the album and then we'll see." Albert Pla will be able to congratulate him for a season without feeling that he is late.


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