Ferino V, a 'hero' of cmic to incentivize the little ones - La Provincia

'Ferino V, seconds off'. This is how the children's story starring the frog grancanario, a work that tells the experiences of a child who wants to be a boxer. Written by Antonio Benito and with illustrations by Manuel Romero, along the 25 pages The avatars of a young man who wants to achieve professionalism in this sport are counted.

The comic is a fantasy story but has many experiences of Ferino himself: his mother's name, the gym where he was trained, the Gran Canaria Arena where he achieved the continental scepter, or the beach where he spent his childhood.

The idea came from professor and writer Antonio de Benito, who contacted the boxer to propose the creation of a children's story and, thus, convey the values ​​of sport at the same time he was encouraged to read and know a little more about this European welterweight champion.

Ferino V was excited: "This story that He has been cooking since 2006. With him we want to capture is that if a child has a dream, if he struggles he can reach his goal. I was an overweight asthmatic child and I started training with 13 years with the sole intention of getting fit. You have to fight for dreams and not throw in the towel. This is the message we intend to convey, that you have to fight for what you want. "

'Ferino V, seconds out', which can purchased on request through the telephone number 636 746 444He was officially presented this Wednesday at an event that was attended by the Minister of Sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Francisco Castellano, the Councilor of the City of Telde, Soledad Hernández, and the boxer Ferino.

Castellano stressed that "it is about the life of an athlete, a sport that transmits values ​​from an early age, such as respect for the rival, perseverance and discipline to achieve dreams, effort and teamwork."


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