June 19, 2021

‘Feminize’, ‘Eurosceptic’ or ‘self-determination’, among the words of 2019 for the SAR – La Provincia

Feminize‘,’Eurosceptic‘,’Constitution‘,’self determination‘o’weather‘are some of the words chosen by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) to define the year 2019 and “explain many of the events and trends” of this period.

The words chosen are accompanied by their definition and a succinct explanation of what are the events or situations that have justified their choice.

For example, in the case of ‘feminizing’ – ‘giving feminine presence or character to something or someone’ -, the social movement of feminism is remembered and the drive for equality, improvements for women in Arab countries, the election of the first president in the European Commission or worldwide protests to end violence against women.

Constitution‘-‘The fundamental law of a State, with a higher rank than the rest of the laws, which defines the regime of the rights and freedoms of citizens and defines the powers and institutions of the political organization’- has been rescued by the “validity and news “of the Magna Carta” as a set of rights, duties and freedoms in a framework that allows coexistence “.

In the case of ‘weather‘-‘set of atmospheric conditions that characterize a region’- is committed to “the relevance” of ecology, the celebration in Madrid of the Climate Summit, the Amazon fires, the Mar Menor disaster or the declaration of Climate Emergency by the EU, among other notable events of the year.

About ‘Eurosceptic‘-‘who doubts the value of the European Union’s political projects’-, the SAR has indicated that “after years of prosperity” under the framework of the European Union, some countries and their citizens “call into question the integration of the Old Continent, with Brexit as the tip of the iceberg. “

The word also appears’self determination‘-‘decision of the citizens of a given territory on its future political status’- due to the crisis in Catalonia, which “continues to leave this term as one of the most relevant of the year that is dismissed.” To this election is added that of the ‘Welfare State’, which “remains the maximum guarantor of equal opportunities.”

Other words included – up to 14 in total ‘– they are ‘progress’, due to facts such as scientific advances, hopeful medical studies on cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, astronomical discoveries, implantation of renewable energies, reduction of the ozone hole or the arrival of 5G.

Too ‘sport‘, for the “epic victories thanks to the effort of its protagonists”, highlighting examples such as the Spanish women’s and men’s basketball team, the cyclist Egan Bernal, the tennis player Rafa Nadal, or the gymnast Simone Biles, among others.

In the case of ‘trust‘, the SAR has chosen it for “uncertainty, politics, corruption or Brexit, which tests the citizen’s trust in institutions that traditionally care for and protect rights and freedoms.”

For ‘reception‘, justifies it in cases such as immigration and refugees, which “continue to be front-line news due to economic inequalities between countries and international conflicts.”

The ‘elections‘They appear because “there have been several electoral processes in Spanish-speaking countries throughout the year, given the current political fragmentation, a reflection of a changing society with increasingly different sensibilities.”

While the ‘Artificial intelligence‘is collected because the process of technological advancement is “unstoppable and it is necessary to adapt the whole society so as not to lose the train of progress”, the’ school ‘is also the word of the year for facts such as the Pisa Report reveals ” lacks “in the sector.

Finally, it includes’triumph‘in recognition of society and “its commitment to continue generating progress, whether from research, culture, work or sport, or as a social manifestation for making a fairer world: social activism, demonstrations of solidarity or commitment” .

No “ephemeral” news

The Lexicography and Communication services have proposed to the Directorate of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) the publication of the words that “best characterize” the political, economic and social events of the year 2019.

The director of the SAR, Santiago Muñoz Machado, explained that “it’s not about choosing neologisms“that have appeared throughout the year, because many of these lexical novelties are” ephemeral. “” They disappear with the same promptness with which they appear in the common language, “he added.

Frequently asked questions

That is why all the words chosen appear in the Spanish Language Dictionary. The selection, which includes not only words, but also compound forms, has taken into account the most frequent dictionary queries, the consultations that receive the services of the RAE and the voices that, according to the corpus of the Academy, present an abundant use.

Also the trends of questions and comments of the followers of the Academy in the main social networks.


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