Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Feminists and anti-racists counterprogram Vox's coming-out for 28-A

Feministas y antirracistas contraprograman la puesta de largo de Vox para el 28-A

Various collective
feminists, antiracists and diversity They have called a demonstration and public event on Saturday in Leganés to counterprogram the event that will celebrate Vox in the bullring La Cubierta to present its national candidates to the elections on the 28th and in which the attendance of its president, Santiago Abascal, and the president of the party in Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, as well as its founder, José Antonio Ortega Lara.

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Leganés, despite being one of the standards of the so-called 'red belt of Madrid', has alternated in recent legislatures the governments of PSOE and PP, and is one of the first cities in which Vox had a stable structure to be produced a split of the PP led by the ex-mayor Jesús Gómez.

It is a fire test for Vox since the capacity of the Deck is 10,000 people. These figures are hard for the major parties to gather in recent years, although Abascal has been confident of overcoming them since the formation of Abascal.

In parallel, the act of protest is scheduled at 11.30 am, while, a few hundred meters further, next to the station of Renfe 'Leganés Central', while a demonstration has been called to end at the Parque de Los Olivos on 13.30.

According to its promoters, the "objective is to stop the hate speech of a right that competes to see which of its policies is more extreme and radical". In this sense, they have warned that the neighborhoods, "very affected by the crisis and its hangover, are a stock of votes for these parties, which point as guilty to the neighbor or neighbor, with what they seek an increase in sexism, xenophobia , homophobia and racism "

It is expected that the National Police will enable a "special device" in the vicinity of La Cubierta to avoid possible altercations, as indicated to Europa Press by police sources.

Although the summoned demonstration will not be held near the Leganese arena, the possible attendance of people from outside Leganés and "on their own" near the bullring is foreseen.

Meanwhile, the concentration in the Parque de los Olivos will have several interventions, including those of Paula Guerra (SOS Racism) and the journalist Antonio Mestre, as well as representatives of collectives such as the 'Cultural Association of Coexistence and Integration, Parla Diversa , Móstoles para Todos, Alcorcón Love your City, Hate Fascism and Getafe for All.

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