Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Feminist readings to give this Sant Jordi

Lecturas feministas para regalar este Sant Jordi

Women's empowerment, gender equality and the role of women in society are aspects that have long been at the center of social discourse. In recent years, however, with the arrival of the fourth feminist wave and the emergence of movements against sexual aggression as Me Too Y Time's Up, the feminist struggle has also found a place in bookstores.

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The vanguard has compiled the recommendations of several booksellers in this subject and proposes some novelties to give this Sant Jordi. Among these, there is also room for some classics that will always last as The Second Sex, by Simone de Beauvoir, Everyone should be a feminist, from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie or The mystique of femininity, by Betty Friedan.

Disobedient Mama - Esther Vivas

"What are the implications of being a mother, giving birth and breastfeeding?" Esther Vivas, author of this essay in which she reflects on feminism and motherhood, is precisely asking, assuring that the latter "has been used as an instrument of control and subordination of women. " "Women face double pressure, being mothers, as dictated by the patriarchal mantra, and triumph or survive as we can in the labor market: an almost impossible exercise of daily juggling."

Land of women: An intimate and familiar look at the rural world - María Sánchez

Daughter and granddaughter of veterinarians, the last of several generations linked for years to land and animals, María Sánchez (Córdoba, 1989) is the first woman in her family to dedicate herself to an occupation traditionally performed by men. Her day-to-day life as a field veterinarian involves traveling through Spain in a van and avoiding looks in a predominantly masculine environment such as the rural world. In this very personal essay, the writer intends to serve as speaker and give space to all the women silenced in the Spanish fields, to all those who had to give up an education and an independence to work the land with their hands and take care of their families .

Agudas: Women who made opinion an art - Michelle Dean

All the women that appear in the book of Michelle Dean They have a quality in common: an opinion of their own. Hannah Arendt, Joan Didion, Nora Ephron, Mary McCarthy, Dorothy Parker, Susan Sontag, Rebecca West, Janet Malcolm, Pauline Kael, Coco Chanel, Lillian Hellman or Frida Khalo. All of them stand out for their contributions to the thought and to the cultural transformations of the 20th century. They defied the expectations of the moment and knew how to make a place in a world of men.

We are the granddaughters of the witches that you could not burn - Ame Soler

Illustrator Ame Soler, best known in networks such as Three Voltes Rebel, enters the world of books with an autobiographical feminist manifesto. Among his pages, in which his characteristic portraits are not lacking, the young promise strips naked with a sincere story that is both poetic and heartbreaking and that provides his particular vision of the movement. "I have never fit into the schemes that society has built to be a perfect girl. Since I was a little girl, I was disheveled in an amazingly easy way. I remember one day I had played, run, jumped ... And a teacher said to me: Comb, you look like a witch. These years prepared me for the most insecure and dependent adolescence you can imagine. "

Enraged: Claiming the power of female anger - Soraya Chemaly

Chemaly vindicate fury as one of the most important resources to fight against political and personal oppression. A sharp tool that, far from getting in the way, "is our way". In this revealing book, aimed at the woman of the 21st century, the author is an interesting and accessible creed that aims to offer readers the keys to reinterpret the anger and use their power "to generate a lasting positive change."

Clumsy Feminism - Nerea Pérez de las Heras

Everyday scenes, raised from the humor and from his own experience. These are the ingredients of the book of Nerea Pérez de las Heras to critically analyze all aspects related to feminism. Thus, in its pages, the author talks about patriarchy, clichés or the messages that society sends to women about how they should behave. All this explained with different situations in the, in addition to feeling more than one identified, serve as a touch of attention to the presence of machismo on a daily basis.

The feminine power: For a new femininity - Svenja Flabpöhler

Svenja Flasspöhler she advocates an active femininity and rejects the idea of ​​women as victims, the antagonism between men and women and what the author calls "hashtag feminism". The activist and philosopher praises the desire for emancipation of the movement, but warns that, "far from ending structural misogyny, it only reinforces its core". "Only when women understand themselves and their own desire will they free themselves from the role of the victim. Only when they do not limit themselves to demanding autonomy but that they dare to live it will they be able to empower themselves. And only on that basis can a successful gender relationship be achieved. "

The essentials - Silvia López

To facilitate the reading of authors who deepen in feminism and speak of the theory 'queer' or 'gender binarism' is the objective of The Essentials, a new collection directed by Silvia López and edited by Dos Whiskers that will focus on key figures in the movement, such as Angela Davis or Virginia Woolf. The project, which consists of nine monographic volumes, aims to offer an accessible reading of authors who delve into feminism and discuss issues such as sexual diversity.

Lola Vendetta and the men - Raquel Riba Rossy

Lola Vendetta She looks perplexed to her adult life and must choose between all the ways that she is offered to face the world and love? As a child she only saw brave, instructive, violent men or with the intention of saving her, but if she knows anything, she does not need anyone to rescue her. Now a diverse panorama of men unfolds before her, and many, to survive in society, seem to have denied much of themselves: vulnerability, sexual identity, emotions, fear ... Perhaps the time has come for save the catana and try to understand. With her ever mordant spirit, the author embarks on her new crusade, because there can not be a new feminism without a new masculinity.


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