Feminist graffiti paint the Cádiz worker history | Culture

Feminist graffiti paint the Cádiz worker history | Culture

The work of Carabayo has been slow to challenge the residents of El Puerto: "People have told me that their grandmother was a badger or a canner. I do not know who I'm painting, that's why it can be anyone who has ancestors here who dedicate themselves to this. "

The visibility of these humble workers only remembered in the bosom of their families is not the only claim that wants to evoke these murals. While at the mouth of the Guadalete and give the final touches to their workers, in another point of the center, in the Plaza Juan Gavala, José Antonio Domínguez has already begun another painting. In this case, it will be dedicated to the history of water that, coming from a spring on the outskirts of the town, ended up in the public fountains and, from there, in the galleys that went to America in the 17th and 18th centuries. "The key is to use art as a historical, cultural and social claim of El Puerto", recognizes the artist Jesús Espinar.

Arte Consciente will sign another mural, in the vicinity of the Town Hall, in which the origins of the city will be represented, through the ceramic vestiges that appear in different sites. Francisco Mesa, also a member of El Hervidero, will be responsible for the last work that will represent elements of the nature of the municipality in a place yet to be defined. In short, remember the past and the present just in those places where degradation today disfigures the urban landscape. "The important thing is to remember what the city was so as not to forget what it can be again," Councilman Antonio Fernández proudly rivets.


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