Feminist collectives mobilize against Vox | Society

Feminist collectives mobilize against Vox | Society

Feminism, not a step back. With this motto, the main feminist associations of Spain will begin in the next days a mobilization of response to the requests of the right-wing Vox party, which announced that it will not support a agreement to form a new Government in Andalusia if that pact includes some measures against gender violence.

The associations finalize a manifesto that they will publicly present on Wednesday as the beginning of the protests, as the Ser chain has advanced. They plan to join the demonstration organized by different groups from Andalusia on January 15.

The feminist groups have seen with concern the emergence of Vox after the Andalusian elections with 12 deputies and their negotiations with PP and Citizens. In its electoral program, the Santiago Abascal party includes the repeal of the gender violence law, approved unanimously in 2004.

And in Andalusia, they ask him to withdraw the regional gender violence law, approved with the support of PP and Citizens and with the only abstention from IU, which did not support it because it considered it insufficient. The Popular Party, which also endorsed the State Pact against Gender Violence in 2017, has promised its potential Vox partners in Andalusia that they would provide aid for men victims of domestic violence. In 2018, 47 women have been killed by their partners or ex-partners. There are 975 since the official accounting began in 2003. The first 2019 mortal victim lived in Laredo.

Associations such as the Federation of Separated and Divorced Women, the Federation of Assistance to Raped Women, Progressive Women, Themis Women Jurists; Women Foundation, Feminist Party, 7N, Feminist Policy Forum, Feminist Enclave, Women's Democratic Movement, among others, have joined the mobilization to which adhesions from other groups are foreseen in the coming hours.


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