Feminist collectives demand parties to legal reforms to end rent bellies | Society

Three feminist collectives have called on political parties to include in their electoral programs the commitment to put an end to rent bellies Yet the prostitution with the argument of ending the "patriarchal culture" that "appropriates" the body of women.

The Asociation We are not Vessels, the State Network against the Rent of Bellies (RECAV) and Stop Bellies for Rent They have developed a feminist agenda with 22 proposals against the sexual or reproductive exploitation of women, with the objective that political groups analyze them in the face of elections on April 28 and propose legal reforms.

"You can not appeal to consent or individual freedom when it occurs in a framework of legal or existential defenselessness," he has defended at a press conference Alicia Miyares, president of No Somos Vasijas. In his opinion, parties that appeal to "freedom" or "consent" to regularize these practices seek to "wash the consciences" of those who resort to them. "The time for the formal declarations has ended", highlighted Miyares, who has demanded concrete actions in the electoral programs.

The document, of eight pages, contemplates the prohibition to carry out in Spanish territory "Any activity related to intermediation that facilitates access to "practices related to the" rent of bellies "in third countries Collectives demand that this prohibition be accompanied by a catalog of sanctions to agencies, law firms, credit or financial entities and independent professionals who are involved in the promotion of this practice.

Ángeles Álvarez, ex-deputy of the PSOE and representative of the State Network against the Rent of Bellies, has considered that it is necessary to "put a stop" to the "reproductive procurers", those who "get rich at the cost of this practice". The associations also demand the annulment of the instruction of 2010 that allows registering children born for wombs outside of Spain in Spain, where doing so is illegal. They request that the surrogate pregnancy constitute a punishable and punishable offense and demand a reform of the General Advertising Law (LGP) in order to include as an illicit advertising any act or propaganda related to the subject.

While waiting for the electoral program of Citizens -which has been in favor of regulating the surrogate pregnancy- to be made public, the PP, Podemos and the PSOE do not mention that practice. Yes it includes VOX, that commits itself to the "prohibition of the rent bellies and all activity that it reifies and uses as a sale product to human beings".

Miyares has rejected the "neoliberal" ideology that is based on "not putting limits on what can be bought and sold," including human beings. For the writer Laura Freixas, from the collective No Somos Vasijas, the idea of ​​turning mothers into "accessory" beings is typical of a patriarchal culture that conceives that women "exist to give services to others".

Measures against prostitution

To end prostitution, they urge "to sanction the request and practice of acts of a sexual nature in exchange for money or another type of provision of economic content." They also ask that the legislation against procuring be reinforced "with an increase in penalties and sanctions".

Also, among the 13 proposals that have been drawn up to end prostitution, they advocate the inclusion in the Penal Code of custodial sentences for those who provide real estate or other means for the exercise of prostitution and sexual exploitation, as well as making the closure of premises and establishment where it is exercised.

The electoral programs of the PP and Podemos do not mention measures against prostitution. The PSOE is committed to "avoid" the advertising of sexual content services, but this time it does not include sanctions to the demand and purchase of prostitution, which did figure in its 2016 program. Asked about it, Álvarez has asserted that it has not yet been know the definitive program.


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