Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Feminism is unstoppable | Society

Feminism is unstoppable | Society

Spain still lives the wake of another 8-M massive and resounding. If last year our country showed the world one of its best faces, this year it has done it again and clearly. Thousands of united women, diverse, of all ages, clamored for their rights and freedoms in the streets and thousands of men accompanied them. Democracy full of energy went out to ask for more democracy, better democracy, without gender inequalities.

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Madrid exceeded all expectations of assistance and doubled the 2018 figure. All a demonstration of the strength of feminism, already unstoppable. A great tide of women of different generations: mothers with daughters, grandmothers with granddaughters, gangs of girls with the symbols of equality painted on their faces, couples with their babies, and men, many men. All of them facing the involution; all of them making it clear that they will not take a step back, as they chanted in their songs against violence and inequality. The threat of the extreme right questioning the rights of women has had a strong response in the streets.

Feminism has been the one that has led women to fight for their rights. It is a great political achievement of feminist women that benefits all and, therefore, is building the democracy of the 21st century: women are political subjects and no decision can be made without our perspective, participation and vision.

For this reason, feminism itself has become an object of interest on the part of conservative formations, which had traditionally manifested their detachment and now seek to incorporate it, adapting it to their postulates.

There is still a great task ahead, all that represents transforming the statistics that distill the constant difficulties of women to exercise their rights and freedoms. Therefore, it is only possible for the State's policy and agenda to respond with legislation and political decisions and to build true real democracy, which is the one that includes the optimal vision of life, the same for women as for men.

Feminism will continue to advance after these historical phases, making proposals that not only lead to real equality but that transform politics with innovation and that manage to eliminate the machista and patriarchal structures, which are the ones at the bottom of the whole social structure and politics of our life.

What has already been clear is that there is no point of return, feminism is unstoppable and has shown that it has a powerful and transversal force. Spain has set an example before the whole world and has shown that women's time is here to stay.

Carmen Calvo She is vice president of the Government.


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