August 4, 2020

Femicides multiply by four – La Provincia

Sara from Celis García, the woman killed yesterday by her partner in Tenerife, Raises the number of femicides in the Canary Islands to eight so far this year – he adds four times the cases recorded in 2018 -.

The 26-year-old girl raises the fatalities of the macho violence so far this year, as confirmed by the Government Delegation for sexist violence.

To the 52 fatalities must be added three others that are still under investigation – one of those cases, in the Canary Islands – and the 43 minors who have been orphaned.

Since 2003, when the statistics began, there are already 92 women who have lost their lives at the hands of their partners or ex-partners in the Archipelago.

By communities, Andalusia is, with 12 dead, which concentrates the largest number of fatalities, followed by Catalonia and the Canary Islands, with eight; and the Valencian Community, with seven. In Madrid there have been six deaths due to sexist violence.

In the Canarian feminist march of this day, International Day Against Machista Violence, which concentrated 10,000 people, Sonora Subversiva Tambora Feminista made a performance in which fifty women dressed in rigorous black and illuminated by violet lights, gave voice to the song Ni una menos, by the feminist Silvia Palumbo.

In addition, in the reading of the manifesto the organizers they called on men to "step forward" in the fight against violence "caused by their peers or themselves". They also urged public institutions to "adequately" provide resources for the comprehensive care of women victims of sexist violence.

Between cheers and cheers the activists demanded "be visible in textbooks, in public policies and in the media ". In line, they warned that silencing, reifying and exploiting women is also violence. In conclusion, they showed the desire for fair justice and policies that work towards the end of inequality and violence.

The demonstration, convened by the Feminist Network of Gran Canaria, under the motto His justice and its policies assassinate us, was joined by Canary Women of Living Communication, Canary Abolitionist Platform, Biayur Collective; representatives of political parties like the PSOE, NC, Podemos or PCPC; Feminist associations and municipal groups.

"Neglect of politicians"

"We are the voice and the cry of those who have stolen it," said the spokeswoman for the Feminist Network of Gran Canaria, Nayra Marrero, at the demonstration. "We cannot keep waiting because the number of women killed does not stop growing," Marrero said. According to the spokeswoman, the laws are not being followed and must be modified and expanded. In that sense, He criticized the neglect of politicians who always find "something more important and place the fight against gender violence at the end of the agenda."

For Marrero, the institutions "are responsible for two years after the State Pact continues halfway", and that the 2003 law for the prevention and integral protection of women against gender-based violence and that of 2007 for the effective equality of women and men "is only sometimes complied with."

The activist hopes that the political formations that deny the existence of gender-based violence "do not steal the strength to fight, because much remains to be done."


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