Femen activists protest against “romantic love” and femicides

Eight Femen activists have protested this Friday, Valentine’s Day, in Madrid’s Plaza de Callao against “romantic love” and feminicides.

The protest was carried out in the afternoon in the center of the Plaza de Callao and in it the activists have performed a performance disguised as a cupid and with a naked torso.

“Romantic love kills, 45 days and 10 murders, machismo kills or cupid has died”, are some of the slogans that were labeled on the torso and, in addition, have chanted others like “yesterday was love today, it is feminicide” or “Not one less”.

At the beginning of it, the activists have laid down on the ground to pretend they were dead and, within a few minutes, they have stood up to chant slogans against “romantic love”, an issue that they consider “macho” and that Drift in abuse and femicide.

Dozens of people have gathered around the protest and at the end of the protest the activists have been beaten by a woman, who has complained that they were protesting with the naked torso.


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