Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

“Fellatio came out of them”

Ensures that it is “paralyzed” by the controversy caused by an activity that was requested by the center itself

The Educational Inspection of the Junta de Andalucía has opened an investigation to clarify what happened during a sexuality workshop for high school students in an institute of Huércal Overa (Almería), which allegedly simulated fellatio.

Given the controversy raised after the complaint of the parents of the center, the monitor of the sexuality workshop of the IES Cura Valera has denied this extreme and has indicated that it is an activity approved within the Gender Violence Prevention Project (State Pact ).

“I’m paralyzed, it didn’t fit in me,” he said the monitor, Davinia Simón, in statements to Efe, pointing out that this workshop was requested by the academic center itself and approved from the State Pact, being a “sex education activity, focused on how pornography influences the sexuality of young people.”

“I asked for two volunteers – a boy and a girl – to try to explain the objectification and the non-symmetrical relationship in the porn images they see. I asked them how porn movies begin and that – fellatio – came out of themselves. The two boys made a change of role but neither touched, nor made obscene gestures, ” Explain.

Simon insists that “nobody came to simulate fellatio, nobody sat down on their knees, the only thing the student did was lean on a table with his back”. “No one gestured, nor was there fellatio movements, it was speaking,” he adds, stressing that at that time there were four center teachers in the classroom.

It also indicates that activities like this are taught in other centers, specifying that since the Delegation of Education of the Board no one has contacted her, although she could explain yesterday her version of what happened to the director of the IES Cura Valera.


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