Felix Sanchez and the seal of La Masia | sports

Felix Sanchez and the seal of La Masia | sports

In the semifinals of the Asian Cup, Qatar He knelt to the host United Arab Emirates for an expressive 4-0, accompanied by 70% of the possession and a football very rich in the tactical, as it gives both playing with defense of three (as against South Korea) and with four during great part of the tournament, also able to beat the six meetings with a balance of 16 so many for none against. It is the first time in history that the Qatari team qualifies for the final of the championship, as to date the top was classified in quarters (1998 and 2011). Success is not accidental but is rooted in La Masia and its technician, Felix Sanchez.

With three years old, Felix and his brother Fran [destituido hace poco del Barça femenino] they entered the Barcelona School -nothing to do with the club-, where they later formed academically. There they coincided in class with Sergi Mila (directs the Cadet A of the Barça). "I was the school's physical education teacher and I saw that the three of them lived for and for football," reveals Albert Benaiges, football coordinator for Barça for two decades. Among other things because he directed them until they became big. "First I made them train in kindergartens, then in a high school, and when Barça signed me, I put them in the clubs, then in the school of the club and finally in the youth base," says Benaiges. "At that time we had coaches with a name and a lot of strength such as Felix and Fran, Sergio Lobera [Goa, India], Rodolfo Borrell [Manchester City]… ", says Marc Muniesa, Girona center who had Felix during his first three years at La Masia, as well as Ignasi Miquel (Getafe) and Cristian Ceballos (Sint-Truidense, Belgian). "Felix liked Barça football a lot and tried to practice in any situation," he says. Muniesa; "He also had character. One measure he adopted was to prohibit parents from shouting in the field under the threat of not letting them enter the premises. This is how we learned to listen to professionals. "

Felix's life, however, changed when Josep Colomer – director of Barça's youth football in the first stage of Laporta – took him in 2006 to the Aspire Academy in Qatar, which took definitive momentum in 2010, when he was awarded the country the celebration of the 2022 World Cup. Aspire is the seed of the national team, since seven of the players leave the academy. "Aspire has an impact on Qatar football because it handles the youth teams, but so do the clubs, which train the professionals," says coach Jorge Fossati, Felix's predecessor in charge; "But you can see the Barça seal because they sign technicians from the lower ranks of the club and, as something coherent, they have put Felix." Among other things because before directing to the absolute, he went through sub-19 and sub-23.

Fossati did not continue with the technical work due to discrepancies in the nationalizations. "I wanted to do a slower renovation because I think they lack a bit of experience. Although seen the tournament, they have not needed, "he says. Merit of Aspire, of the Qatari clubs, of Félix Sánchez de La Masia.

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