Felipe VI urges to guarantee coexistence in Spain based on Constitution

Felipe VI urges to guarantee coexistence in Spain based on Constitution

The King of Spain, Felipe VI, today called for guaranteeing coexistence among Spaniards based on respect for the Constitution, and the reinforcement of the "deep ties" that bind them and that is "incompatible with resentment and resentment "

In his traditional Christmas message, the fifth since he acceded to the throne in June 2014, the monarch did not mention specifically Catalonia, region where he has raised an important independence challenge, but focused his words, aimed especially at young people, in need to ensure coexistence.

"A coexistence in which the overcoming of the great problems and injustices can never be born of division, much less confrontation, but of agreement and union before the challenges and difficulties," said the king.

According to Felipe VI, coexistence is "the most valuable work" of Spanish democracy, "the best legacy" that can be entrusted to younger generations.

A coexistence based on the consideration of "the ideas and rights of others", which requires "that we take care and strengthen the deep bonds that unite us", that "it is incompatible with resentment and resentment" and that the respect to a Constitution that "protects, protects and protects our rights and freedoms.

On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Spanish Magna Carta this year, the King has made continuous references throughout 2018 to the coexistence of Spaniards achieved in these decades.

Looking to the future, he affirmed: "We must be aware of the new reality imposed on us by the 21st century and be able to achieve civic and social consensus that will ensure the great modernization project of Spain".

Felipe VI in his message today paid tribute to the Constitution and recalled that those who lived through the Transition (period that gave way from Franco's dictatorship to democracy) know well that if something defined those years was "the value of working together and united "for the future of the country and the will to understand each other and" reach agreements ".

The monarch urged that the principles of democracy, freedom and coexistence of those years "not be lost or forgotten, so that the rules that are of all are respected by all."

From the first moment of his message, the monarch made it clear that they continue to worry "very seriously" the social and territorial cohesion of Spain, the economy and unemployment, as well as education, corruption, terrorism and violence against women .

"A violence of such sad reality and that always deserves our rejection and stronger condemnation and the commitment of the whole society to eradicate it from our life", said the king, referring to this scourge, which in 2018 left 47 victims in Spain mortals

As for the drama of unemployment and job insecurity, he urged to help young people to build their "personal and professional" life project with "a decent job and a salary" and to have "an adequate place to live "and, if they wish," to form a family and be able to reconcile with work life ".

The king sent his Christmas message from the Palacio de la Zarzuela, his official residence, accompanied by the flags of Spain and the European Union and by a symbolic photo of the heiress of the Crown, Princess Leonor, who this month participated in the homage to the Constitution, reading article 1 of the Magna Carta.

Felipe VI finalized his speech wishing Merry Christmas in the four official languages ​​of Spain: Castilian, Catalan, Galician and Basque.


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