Felipe VI avoids in his speech any reference to the emeritus king and calls for “a great collective effort” against the pandemic

The king delivered his sixth Christmas speech this Thursday, the most difficult of all, and he did so without alluding to his father at any time. The year in which Juan Carlos I de Borbón has run out of the constitutional assignment, when he has the Spanish and Swiss prosecutors investigating at the origin of his fortuneWhen he has been forced to present a fiscal regularization of his money in B and has had to flee the country to reduce the pressure on the monarchy, Felipe VI’s speech has not included any mention of the emeritus king.

The threat of the imputation forces Juan Carlos I to recognize his fraud

The threat of the imputation forces Juan Carlos I to recognize his fraud

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“We are experiencing truly exceptional circumstances due to the pandemic,” he said at the beginning of an intervention dominated by the fight against the coronavirus, for which he called for “a great collective effort, in which each one continues to give their best himself “and achieve what he has called the” great national goal. ” Thus, it has considered that the challenges that are to come are “enormous, but not insurmountable”.

Felipe VI has only left a minimum space for an abstract defense “of the moral and ethical principles that bind everyone and are above any consideration, of whatever nature, personal or family.” “This is how I have always understood it, in coherence with my convictions, with the way I understand my responsibilities as Head of State,” he added.

There has been contained any hint of allusion to the scandals that surround the Crown, dragged down for years and that have crystallized in 2020 with the decision of Felipe VI to renounce his inheritance and take the money he received from the State from his father, with judicial inquiries but, above all, with the opaque flight of Juan Carlos to the United Arab Emirates, of which he has said that he does not intend to return for the moment.

From there, and through his lawyer, he made a regularization of almost 700,000 euros a couple of weeks ago to prevent research on the use of opaque cards. None of this has had a hole in the speech of Felipe VI.

The king began his speech with a memory of those who died from COVID, who during these holidays “leave a void impossible to fill.” And he has also dedicated a few words to those who are in the full fight against the disease or its aftermath: “Today I send you all my best encouragement and affection.”

He stressed that 2020 has been a “very hard and difficult” year due to the pandemic and its economic consequences, and has referred to the “anguish of barely meeting basic needs” or the “sadness of having to abandon a deal”. Faced with the discouragement that this situation may cause, the king has called for “determination and security” in response to “such a serious crisis.”

Thus, he has asked the Spanish for “courage and hope.” “Over the past decades, faced with serious difficulties, we have always been able to overcome them,” said Felipe VI, who praised the work of the health workers “for their enormous effort, their extraordinary professionalism and their great humanity with the sick”.

In his speech he said that the solution to the health crisis will come thanks to “science and research.” For the fight against the economic crisis, he has asked “to strengthen the business and productive, industrial and service fabric”, and has included a recognition of “the self-employed and merchants, so hit these months.” In that battle for economic recovery, he has shown special concern for young people – “Spain cannot afford a lost generation” – and for the most vulnerable – “It is a question of dignity among those of us who form the same political community” -.

In the fight to overcome this situation, Felipe VI has affirmed that we have “the most important thing, the people”, among whom he has highlighted those who “have put their work at the service of others”; with a “solid state” from which it has highlighted its public services, although the pandemic “has revealed aspects that need to be improved and reinforced”; with the European Union, which “offers a historic opportunity to move forward and progress”; and with “the system of democratic coexistence.”

That is when the king, whom some of the most radical sectors of the Army have turned to this year to put yourself at your service in front of the government “socialcommunist and philoetarra“He has stopped and delved into” the advances and progress made in democracy. “They are the result, he said, of the” reunion and the pact between the Spanish after a long period of confrontations and divisions. “He has also referred the necessary “with regard to plurality and differences” and the “ability to dialogue and reach agreements.”

At that point, he has linked democratic principles and “compliance with the laws” with the need to “preserve ethical values.” He then recalled his 2014 speech, when he was proclaimed king: “I referred to the moral and ethical principles that citizens demand of our conduct. Principles that oblige us all without exceptions; and that are above any consideration, of whatever nature, even personal and family ones. ”

This abstract mention has come almost to the end, before proclaiming that “we are not a people that surrenders or resigns in bad times” and emphasizing that “we are going to move forward.” And so, in the year of the coronavirus and in which Juan Carlos de Borbón has fled the country surrounded by scandals, Felipe VI, his successor to the throne, has said goodbye trusting that 2021 will improve to 2020: “It will not be difficult” .


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