May 13, 2021

Felipe Reyes surpasses Navarro's record

Felipe Reyes surpasses Navarro's record

Of homage in homage and of record in record. Felipe Reyes added one more in the Euroleague. In the absence of 4:56 for the end of the second quarter he jumped on the court and completed 342 games in the maximum continental competition overcoming the 341 of his friend Juan Carlos Navarro.

Before the match he was honored by the competition and by his club. Jordi Bartomeu, the head of the tournament, gave him a reproduction of three minutes (his debut at Estudiantes-Peristeri and the two titles: Madrid 2015 and Belgrado 2018) and Madrid, through Emiliano, offered him a shirt with the 342

Felipe debuted with the Euroleague in October 2000 with Estudiantes, but did not return to play until 2004. Since then only in the 2006/07 season, when he was proclaimed champion of the ULEB Cup and with Madrid, he has not played the Euroleague. It will not be the last record of the Real Madrid center, since in the next weeks its renovation will be announced with Madrid until 2020.

Felipe is already the maximum rebounder of the tournament, the second in free throws, the second in shots of two, the third in scoring, the fourth in valuation … Reyes is the record man of European basketball.


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