Feijóo would support nationalizing Alcoa for a time before closing it

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has assured this Thursday that he would agree to a nationalization of the Alcoa plant in A Mariña (Lugo) for a time before its closure, although he has insisted that there are other options ” more reasonable “than incorporating that factory into the public patrimony.

These options are contemplated in the Recovery Plan for the electro-intensive industries, approved today by the Council of the Xunta, and they mainly go through guaranteeing a stable price of energy to these companies, with tasks for the Xunta itself and also for the central government .

“But if the government wants to nationalize Alcoa, do it tomorrow and not the day after,” said Núñez Feijóo, who doubted that the Executive really wants to intervene in the company, since its “objective” is to reach July 12 (date of the Galician elections) with “excuses” and then “closing” the factory; reason why he has asked him to “stop deceiving” workers and the Xunta.

The plan approved this Thursday by the Xunta is committed to giving essential and strategic treatment to the electro-intensive sector, which would favor the reduction and streamlining of administrative procedures and the projects would have “priority” over others.

The Galician government also proposes that the EU aid have a specific section for this sector and make participatory loans to support the modernization plans of these companies.

For all this, he pointed out, it is “essential” that the Government activate the necessary measures to guarantee the price of electricity, since otherwise “everything else will fall by the wayside.”

Núñez Feijóo has insisted that it is necessary to make it “difficult” for Alcoa so that it does not have “excuses” and continues with the ERE, which currently affects 534 people.

Thus, it has continued, it is not understood that it is July 2 and the Government has not even started the interruptibility auction that would have been in effect from July 1.

For this reason, the head of the Xunta has urged the Government to launch this auction “immediately” and that it be endowed with at least 275 million euros of CO2 emissions and that it be done with blocks of 90 megawatts.

In addition, he has asked that the Alcoa San Cibrao table be convened “tomorrow” so that administrations and the company make their proposals and stop deceiving the workers.

Núñez Feijóo has considered that his proposals are “reasonable” and would serve to guarantee the continuity of Alcoa in San Cibrao, either with the ownership of that multinational in the United States or with that of another business group, since “there is interest”, although there is will materialize if there is no stable price for energy, he said

In any case, if the government neglects these proposals that have worked “for decades” and wants to nationalize the plant, then it should do it “better tomorrow than the day after,” he said, because “to speak now that in two years there will be bilateral contracts to Modulating the price of energy “is” a joke (…) an electoral promise and unacceptable blackmail “.

In addition to the electro-intensive plan, the Council of the Xunta has given the go-ahead to a € 60 million game, with which it aspires to mobilize € 180 million, to finance SMEs and the self-employed.

This is a new game, once the 250 million made available to these groups at the start of the crisis have been “exhausted”, explained Núñez Feijóo.

The 60 million are divided into three programs; one endowed with 20 million so that SMEs and the affected sectors can “reinvent themselves”.

In this program, the Xesgalicia organization could participate if necessary.

Xesgalicia could also participate through venture capital in the launch of start-ups (emerging companies) with a share of 10 million euros in total.

And finally, a public-private fund will be created, endowed with 30 million euros, to develop strategic and driving projects.

Among other initiatives, in addition, the Xunta has sent to the Advisory Council the text of a draft decree which intends to create a Business Land Census in which it will be “mandatory” to register, regardless of which administration or initiative is the owner of that land. .


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