January 24, 2021

Feijóo, with the July door open, reveals that he seeks to identify “the safest fortnight” to vote

The President of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has revealed this Friday, after weeks of claiming that the elections were not on his agenda, that the “unknown” that must be cleared shortly to propose a new electoral date and “in which It is working “is to clarify which” fortnight “would be” the safest “from a health point of view to call Galicians to the polls.

The message was launched at the press conference after the weekly meeting of its Executive, on the same day in which the Basque Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, called for the maximum consensus to call the elections in the Basque Country and to recover full political normality. and institutional to face the de-escalation.

The presidents of Euskadi and Galicia – territories that have coincided in the last electoral appointments – had initially called their respective elections for April 5, but they were suspended due to the coronvirus health crisis. Now, the Basque leader is betting on the July horizon, while the Galician had avoided the issue until this Friday, when he has admitted that he is already looking for the best date from a health perspective.

“What we have left, and what we are working on is to clear the question of which fortnight or in which weeks we think there will be less possibilities of regrowth, since all the specialists indicate that the logical thing is that there are”, he said. Feijóo, who in the past day already warned that the forecast is that such outbreaks occur “especially from autumn” – just as several experts have publicly stated.

Immediately afterwards, asked about whether it is feasible that the regional elections (initially scheduled for April 5 and suspended by the coronavirus health crisis) be held in July, the horizon managed by the Basque Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, Feijóo has avoided specifying it. , but you have kept this door open.

“I just answered. We are trying to know which is the best fortnight, the one that presents the least health risks,” he sentenced, in a press conference in which he recalled that the days are running out for a legislature to run out, at the latest , could be extended ordinarily until October.

“We need a certain calendar to be able to vote in the near future,” said Feijóo, who stressed that work is being done to determine which date is the safest so that polling stations can open and Galicians can exercise their right to vote.


Thus, it has also hinted that this unknown will be cleared “in the coming days” and has pointed as a key element for this to the results of the epidemiological study of the Xunta, whose first phase ends this Friday.

In the same way, he assured that he shares with Urkullu that the communities need “strong governments” and that it is “better to go through the ballot boxes” to face the economic and social revival phase.

Finally, he has guaranteed that, once he has a “reasoned” proposal, he will communicate it to the opposition groups, as he is forced to do by the decree by which the appointment with the ballot boxes scheduled for April 5 was suspended.


Asked if his position on the extension of the state of alarm changed precisely as a result of the PNV amendment – which also supported said extension for another 15 days – which allows the possibility that the communities in which it touches (Euskadi and Galicia) can hold elections, Feijóo has assured that he had no “doubts” that the state of alarm “did not prevent” voting.

“But the Government clarified it and I am grateful that the groups did not oppose it, either voting yes or with abstention,” said the Galician president, who has defended that, although from his point of view, the right to vote can be exercised In a state of alarm, the Government must take advantage of these 15 days of extension to modify the health law and deactivate it.

And it is that one of the issues that the decree by which the elections scheduled in Galicia for April 5 were suspended is, precisely, that the ballot boxes cannot be called again in a state of alarm.

In any case, Feijóo has insisted that “the first decree” that the Government should have approved in the framework of the state of alarm is one that would grant the autonomous presidents “the role that corresponds to them.”

“In this way, we would work better and avoid interpretations and counter-interpretations such as those that existed with the population centers, open-air markets, or children’s outings,” he defended, before again claiming “co-governance.”


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