Feijóo urges the PSOE to facilitate the investiture of Mañueco to avoid a coalition government of PP and Vox

Feijóo urges the PSOE to facilitate the investiture of Mañueco to avoid a coalition government of PP and Vox

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has already started the race to be president of the PP. A race in which he sees himself as the winner in the absence of important rivals. The president of the Xunta de Galicia has presented this Wednesday at the party's national headquarters more than 50,000 endorsements from militants, compared to the 120 that he claims to have registered the only known alternative, the Valencian Alexia Herranz. The total census of militants is one of the great mysteries of the PP, so it is not possible to establish a relationship between the guarantees obtained and the total. Feijóo already sees himself as president and with that spirit he has appeared before journalists. Asked about the negotiation between the PP and Vox for a coalition government in Castilla y León, the candidate returned the question to Pedro Sánchez: "Is the PSOE going to make it easier for the party that won the elections to govern?"

The PP attends the meeting with its partners prior to the EU summit on Ukraine headless and without position

The PP attends the meeting with its partners prior to the EU summit on Ukraine headless and without position

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Feijóo has refused to reveal what he will do if he finds himself in the position of having to integrate the extreme right into a coalition government. Backed by four absolute majorities, he has dodged questions about it and has put his project as a parapet. "My project is not to talk about agreements, but to win", he has said. Regarding Castilla y León, he has limited himself to repeating that "the only deputy who can be president is Alfonso Fernández Mañueco".

This Thursday will be the first test of how the negotiations are progressing once the Cortes are constituted. Vox wants the Presidency and the PP is looking for a way not to give it up. Feijóo has alleged his condition as a candidate, not yet as president, so as not to delve into the policy of pacts. As of April 2, he will have to reformulate his argument because, when he is president, the investiture of Castilla y León will continue.

Feijóo has arrived at the headquarters of Génova street in Madrid around five in the afternoon. At six o'clock I was on my way to the airport bound for Santiago de Compostela. According to him, he has not spoken with Pablo Casado, the resigning president who, in any case, continues to be the party's representative. So much so, that this Thursday he will attend the meeting of the European PP prior to the summit of heads of state and government that must mark a position on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the PP they do not know if Casado will speak before their European allies And if he does, what will he say?.

Asked about the future of the still president, Feijóo has said that both he and the former general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, can continue as deputies. "They have minutes, I don't. We need all the deputies in the group to continue working," he said. Before, in his initial speech, he has pointed out that in the PP that he will lead there is "a place for each and every one must have his place."

Without mentioning Casado, or anyone else, Feijóo has maintained that his intention is to form an "alternative to Pedro Sánchez and his partners." "We are prepared to guarantee this alternative," he maintained. An alternative "of management, of stability and of majorities", he has argued. "Today a change begins that I hope will not be a new path for the PP, but for the country. I will do my best so that the government it deserves is seen in our project," he assured.

Asked if among these novelties in the PP will be that of renewing the General Council of the Judiciary, Feijóo has hidden behind the war in Ukraine so as not to respond. A subterfuge that I had already used this morning in the Galician Parliament after being questioned for his permanence at the head of the Xunta

Fed up with “egocentrism”

In an internal key, Feijóo has been postulated as the candidate who can return the PP to the Moncloa Palace. And, for this, he aspires to print a change in "the form and substance" of the organization. "I perceive weariness in a way of doing politics based on frivolity and self-centeredness," he has said. "I perceive disappointment in the face of an unstable, divided and incongruous government," he added. "I perceive the need for a new policy that provides new answers and styles", he pointed out.

True to his style, Feijóo has released messages without a subject, so interpretations about the purpose of his words are free. "Those who are heard the most are not always the ones who are listened to the most. My proposal is to shout less than others and invest our efforts in listening to people. And then, offer a solid and solvent alternative," he pointed out. There are several people who can be identified. And not all of his party.

Feijóo has managed to collect a huge number of endorsements. The final figure will not be known until Thursday, when the Organizing Committee of the Congress (COC) reports the candidates finally admitted and the support that each one has obtained. Alexia Herranz has said having collected 120 in different parts of Spain, 20 more than required by the Statutes of the party. The only condition to be accepted is that it be signed by militants up to date with their payments. An end that has already generated problems in some places for the PP. For example, in Castilla y León.

Despite his status as a pre-candidate, Feijóo has revealed that he has already begun to hold talks with party leaders in order to draw up his address, starting on April 2. The extraordinary congress appoints the National Executive Committee, but the Galician leader has said that he will also have the name of his general secretary ready. "If tonight closes with no more candidates, or apparently less likely candidates," he has said, he will redouble those talks.

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