Feijóo says that taxes on energy companies and banks will affect receipts and accuses Sánchez of "podemizing"

Alberto Núñez Feijóo questions all the measures that Pedro Sánchez announced during the debate on the state of the nation, especially taxes on energy companies and banks because he considers that it can end up having an impact "on receipts" and "more commissions" for consumers. "We have to be armored that the citizens are not going to pay for this and that this is not going to reduce investments because if we don't we will be paying the usual ones," warned the leader of the PP, who has defended in an interview on Onda Cero that the tax increase must be done with a “moderate and non-populist approach” because if not “the banks will take note”.

Sánchez rearms with a tax justice plan that reconciles him with his partners and corners the PP in his nostalgia for ETA

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For the head of the opposition, who had not yet ruled on Sánchez's plan because he cannot participate in the debate on the state of the nation as he is not a deputy, the president has built a "story". In his opinion, the Government is looking for those "responsible" for the rise in electricity and interest rates: energy companies and banks. “That measure is not valid”, said Feijóo, who has wondered if “the bank tax is going to be passed on in more commissions”. “Are we sure that this is not going to affect the receipts?”, He has left said on the air.

But neither are they convinced by the proposals in terms of transport, which go through the free commuter and rodalí season tickets between September and December. The leader of the PP has asked if the trains and drivers are going to be increased. “Are citizens who live in places where there are no neighborhoods going to benefit from something?” he questioned. In any case, he has always avoided rejecting the measures from the plan under the premise that they still have to know the fine print. What he has thrown at the president is that he proposes new initiatives "every fortnight" given that the anti-crisis decree that is currently in force and that Congress will validate this Thursday already collected a 15% bonus for those transports.

"The 'podemization' of the president has been complete," he replied. “He has bought all the proposals from Podemos and it has been cheap because he has copied them”, added Feijóo, who has assured that Sánchez “could resemble Pablo Iglesias, founder of the PSOE”, but that “he preferred to resemble Pablo Iglesias , founder of Podemos”.

"I left worried because he doesn't have a plan for the country," Feijóo has reproached: "If you don't have a plan for the country, in the end you are left to the fate of your partners." "He does not have a plan to deal with inflation and the energy crisis, he simply has a plan to finish the legislature." The leader of the PP has reiterated, without specifying, that taxes should be lowered for the middle and working classes.

What he has defended is that the Community of Madrid promote scholarships for families that exceed 100,000 euros in income. "What worries me the most is that scholarships are given to all low-income earners and that they are guaranteed," the PP leader responded. "We cannot argue that all low-income earners who have minimum grades have scholarships and this in Madrid is guaranteed," said Feijóo, who has defended that from there the thresholds for distributing aid can be raised.

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