Feijóo replies to PSdeG and BNG that Vox does not monitor him

The candidate for reelection by the PP to the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has replied to the request of PSdeG and BNG to say if he is going to agree with Vox that this party does not “monitor” him.

Feijóo has considered, on the other hand, that the votes to Citizens will be “lost”; because they will only serve to favor the left.

In the electoral debate for seven of the CRTVG, Feijóo has thus distanced himself from the two parties in the field of the right, while he has warned of a possible alliance between the formations of the left by saying that “among ten parties, Galicia is impossible to govern. “

For their part, the candidates of the PSdeG and the BNG, Gonzalo Caballero and Ana Pontón, have warned that Feijóo intends to govern with the help of the “extreme right” of Vox and have urged to go to vote so that progressive forces win the next July 12 and end 11 years of PP government with an absolute majority.

In the last block of the debate, the one dedicated to pacts and governability, Caballero assured that “to stop the right and the extreme right, you have to go to vote” and he was convinced that removing the PP from Galicia “is a urgency “so that” by one vote “the next Galician government can be decided.

Pontón has dedicated a large part of his speech to criticizing Feijóo’s policies, whom he has reproached for wanting to turn Galicia into an “electoral slogan”, but he has also marked differences between the BNG project and that of the forces “subordinate to Madrid “

For Caballero it is clear that there are only two options on July 12, one is that of a government coalition led by the PSOE or the PP with “their partners”, referring to Vox and Ciudadanos, who have offered explicit support to Feijóo, something that the current president of the Xunta has thanked but without accepting it.

The common Galician candidate, Antón Gómez-Reino, has been convinced that there is a progressive majority in the community and that if the left-wing voter goes to the polls, a government of his party with PSdeG and BNG will be possible.

And he has reproached Feijóo that his only political project when standing for these elections is “to succeed Casado”, at the head of the PP, so if he loses these elections “he will go to Madrid”, despite the fact that he says that his priority is Galicia .

For his part, the candidate for Marea Galeguista, Pancho Casal, has reaffirmed that he will support a “progressive” government, but his party will be vigilant to defend the interests of Galicia.

Meanwhile, the citizen candidate, Beatriz Pino, has reiterated her “outstretched hand” to Feijóo to make a “useful policy” for the community being part of the Galician Government, something that Feijóo has appreciated, although she believes that the votes to Cs “are lost “because they will probably only benefit a government of ten parties.

Vox has addressed himself directly to reproach him that they only “want to kick him out” of the Xunta “and nothing else” and that they are not interested in Galicia, after which he has concluded: “Vox does not watch over me, the Galicians watch over me” and he has assured that he will not ask his vote for this formation but only for the Galician population.

From Vox, his candidate for A Coruña, Ricardo Morado, has insisted on asking the other candidates to condemn the violence, after the attack suffered by one of his deputies in Sestao, which has led him to engage in a dispute with Caballero who He asked if, for his part, he condemns gender violence.


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