Feijóo rejects raising pensions according to the CPI and asks to contain prices

Feijóo rejects raising pensions according to the CPI and asks to contain prices

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, rejects that the Government raises pensions by 2023 the same as the CPI, as established by all the parties in the Toledo Pact, and as agreed by Spain with the European Commission in the framework of the negotiation of the reforms to receive European funds for economic recovery after the pandemic. In an interview on Antena 3, the leader of the opposition has questioned whether the State can afford the expense, he has assured that "it is of no use" to pensioners who raise their benefit "by 8%" (forecast for final of the year) and has demanded that the Executive, instead, try to control the escalation of prices.

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“We are not opposed to pensions going up, we have never done it,” Feijóo said in the interview. Of course, without specifying what percentage of increase should be applied to benefits. Instead of directly answering what the decision would be if the PP governed, he has questioned whether the State can face a rise such as the one planned by the Executive, according to the CPI with which it closes 2022.

In order not to respond, Feijóo has said that "how much and how much" pensions should be increased has to be said by the Government. "Let him do the math for us and tell us what possibilities Spain has of raising pensions."

In fact, Feijóo has slipped that the pensioners themselves would be against pensions being raised by 8%, if the CPI for the year closes at this figure, advanced yesterday by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, during his appearance in the Senate. "It's no use [al pensionista] that it rises 8%”, said Feijóo, who has demanded as an alternative to contain, and reduce, the increase in prices and has concluded: “Pensioners are interested in their children and grandchildren”.

"Let's not cheat", the president of the PP finally raised. "Let's not increase pensions with public debt, because then the Government leaves a pufo to the children and grandchildren of pensioners", he has settled.

Feijóo thus follows the line marked by himself last weekend in an interview in La Razón, from the same communication group, and where he said that the Government cannot raise pensions what it wants because it signed an alleged agreement with the European Commission so as not to raise “current spending more than 3%”. An agreement of which there is no record. In fact, the EU's fiscal rules are suspended, allowing countries to take on more deficit than set.

Besides the pensions are outside the maximum spending allowed by the EU. In fact, the indexing of pensions to the CPI has already been signed by Spain and the community authorities within the framework of the agreements sealed for the distribution of European funds.

This Wednesday, Feijóo has no longer resorted to the supposed agreement with the EU to deny the Government the possibility of raising pensions according to the CPI, which until now had allowed him to hide the answer of what opinion the PP has in this regard.

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