February 27, 2021

Feijóo, in favor of “reactivating the Constitution”, refuses to extend “sine die” the state of alarm

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has defended this Thursday that, within the framework of the economic and social revival plan with which the Government works, “the logical thing” would be “to reactivate the Constitution” and that “all the Democrats” return to have “all the rights and freedoms” granted by the Spanish Magna Carta.

Asked if he considers that the PP should analyze not supporting successive extensions of the state of alarm, the Galician president has stated that, before a “de-escalation scenario” after the high point of the coronavirus crisis in Spain, it would be time to see “when it de-scales the Constitution and when it becomes fully effective again. “

“All Democrats want to return to having the full rights and freedoms that the Constitution gives us. And in a scenario of reactivation, the logical thing would be to reactivate the Constitution one hundred percent of its articles, and return to replace one hundred percent of rights fundamental in Spain, “he sentenced, at a telematic press conference, after chairing the weekly meeting of its Executive.

Feijóo has also recalled that this is not the first time that he states that “a state of alarm is not necessary” to “coordinate with the communities”, check that sanitary regulations are being complied with, or give instructions to the forces and bodies of State security to monitor this end.


Thus, it has been reaffirmed that, although “demanding compliance with the rules” is the obligation of the public powers in the new scenario of economic and social revival, in Spain “there is legislation” so that it can be done “without extend sine die alarm state. “

“Let’s see if we are capable of being understood by the Government and we can recover the Constitution to its full extent,” he concluded.


On the other hand, asked about whether he considers that the right could act together if measures such as the nationalization of companies or the confiscation of property by the government were to be given, he replied that he hopes that “such scenarios will never arise in Spain” .

“We would stop being a democratic and constitutional country to emigrate to other political regimes from which we have fled. I hope I do not have to respond to this type of scenario, incompatible with freedom and the rights of the Constitution,” he concluded.


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