Feijóo concludes the renewal of the PP and offers himself as a "spokesperson" for the "discontent" of the "street" with Sánchez

The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, took advantage of his first speech this Friday before the parliamentary groups of his party in Congress and the Senate to conclude the renewal process in the leadership of the popular party that began with the resignation of his predecessor, Pablo Casado, last March. Just two days after promising his position as a senator by regional appointment, Feijóo has also expressed his intention to monetize social discontent with the Government and present himself as a kind of moderate leader against the rest of the parties that he considers that "insult" prevail and the political circus.

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In the first joint meeting of the popular groups in both chambers since his election as leader of the PP, on April 3, Feijóo considered that with the changes made in the leadership of the party in Congress and the Senate, the process of renewal of the national leadership of the PP”. "In just over 50 days we have analyzed the situation to undertake the necessary changes," he assured. The leader of the popular has also been "very proud" of how the process has been managed "in less than two months." “It has been fast, measured and meditated”, he has settled.

Without mentioning it, Feijóo did want to acknowledge, in a veiled way, the role of his predecessor because, as he has said, "a state and government party cannot make a clean slate or deny so many years of service." “In this game there is no one left who wants to work for Spain”, he has riveted.

Next, Feijóo has wanted to make a defense of parliamentarism and has tried to differentiate himself from Vox and Ciudadanos by claiming the autonomous State against the "contempt" of the extreme right. I am going to contribute to protecting and giving prestige to the institutions, wherever I am”, he said, and then began a string of attacks on the Government. "I rebel against the servility of the sanchista party that is sacrificing the interests of all in favor of the interests of those who want to fracture everything," he said. ”The result of a bad government like the one that Spain has now is going to require a change: it does not govern, it is governed by its partners, and it does not manage, because the inflationary drift is not capable of being controlled by the government, it is indebting us without control, it puts families at risk and that the EU continues to transfer funds to us“, he stressed.

In his opinion, the Sánchez Executive "sacrifices anything, including State institutions to win a few more months in the presidency of the Government." “He has abdicated his obligations to citizens”, he has denounced. Faced with this situation, in his opinion "a large part of society has confidence in the PP, aware that it has written many of the good pages of Spanish history." That is why he has asked his deputies and senators "to be better than the others, in substance and in form." He has also said that the popular have to be the "spokesperson of the street" which, in turn, is the "spokesperson of discontent" against the Government.

Feijóo has once again presented himself as a moderate leader despite his party's agreements with Vox and some of his statements since he was appointed leader of the PP, which are far removed from the measure he claims to represent. “I don't believe in politics of insults and trenches, I believe in proposals and honest confrontation”, he has said. "The cameras are not a social network in which to compete with smacks and hollow words," he added. That is why he has asked "not to fall into the ways of the Government or the ways of its partners." “I don't believe in parliamentary circuses but in serious camera work. I prefer a reasoned criticism to a catchy headline. I prefer an initiative that is useful than a photo that satisfies the ego of the portrayed”, he has settled. He has also asked his deputies and senators for "adequate forms, for education, operability and credibility."

Finally, Feijóo has been suspicious of the government's proposed agreements. “The bad government is more comfortable insulting us and confronting those who also insult us, more comfortable with those who only have to insult the State,” he has said. That is why he has proposed a "completely different model", with "seriousness, work and coherence". A "less spectacular path", he recognized, but "the best path". He believes it is possible to be the guarantor of the "recovery of the national illusion

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