Feijóo attacked the distribution of European funds in an Almería company irrigated with 2.1 million

Vicar (Almeria). June, 15. The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, visits an agricultural company in the middle of the campaign for the Andalusian elections next Sunday. At the end, he attends to the journalists. "We have to activate the European funds that we are not capable of managing due to the ineffectiveness of a good part of the government ministries," said the Galician leader. “Governing is making decisions and telling people the truth,” he concluded. In the background, the facilities of Kimitec, a company that has been awarded just over 2.1 million euros from the Next Generation funds of the European Union, of which it is about to receive 1.3 million.

Feijóo points out that the PP will not support the renewal of the anti-crisis decree without waiting to know its content

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Feijóo's statements are not new. In fact, the president of the PP maintains the strategy defined by his predecessor in office, Pablo Casado, despite promising not only to turn around the opposition exercised by the party, but also to initiate a new stage in the relationship with the Government, putting the institutionality ahead. Immediately, Feijóo began to question the way in which Spain is managing the billions of euros that the EU has delivered, or is about to deliver.

“I understand your misgivings about the opacity and low execution of European funds”, Feijóo said at the beginning of the month during the congress of the European PP itself. But these messages are debunked, not only because of the Government's own data. Also by the European Commission itself, chaired by an outstanding leader of the European PP, Ursula Von der Leyen.

There have been many times that Brussels has explained that Spain was the first country to receive the initial batch of funds. It is that, in fact, it is in the top positions to access the second batch. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, recently presented some data on the execution of the 'Next Generation EU' funds. Since its approval, some 17,000 projects have been promoted that are reaching some 12,000 companies "for the transformation of the economy". From April to June the Government will launch calls for more than 11,000 million euros.

Sánchez assured that the General State Administration has authorized more than 30,000 million euros, of which 12,000 million “have already been paid”. He has also highlighted the dialogue with the autonomous communities, with which 75 sectoral conferences have been held, which have allowed the territories to have already received more than 13,000 million euros, to which are added the 10,000 from the React-EU funds .

One of the companies awarded these funds has been, precisely, Kimitec. According to the public data that elDiario.es has consulted, the company participates in two projects of the Recovery Plan. The first is called Smart-O-Live and its objective is the production of "sustainable and healthier olive oils in the new agro-industry of the future", according to the announcement by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. This project has a budget of 3.6 million euros distributed among research groups in Andalusia and Navarra, as well as Andalusian companies. Among them, Kimitec, which receives 878,386.43 euros.

The second project is juicier and adds 1.3 million for the Almería company. Its objective is to invest in "artificial intelligence applied to the value chain of agricultural production", according to the announcement of the Ministry of Economy. The recipients are a consortium of 24 partners, who have distributed €9.9 million. Kimitec has been awarded 1,245,884.9 euros, which it is about to receive.

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