Feijóo assures that the statues of the Pórtico de la Gloria that the Franco have in Meirás "cannot be taken from Galicia"

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has assured that "it is clear" that the statues of Isaac and Abraham attributed to Mestre Mateo that the Franco family keep in the Pazo de Meirás "cannot be removed from Galicia." The pieces are declared of cultural interest (BIC), which makes it necessary to obtain the authorization of the Galician administration to transfer them. The Ministry of Culture made public that the descendants of the dictator requested to move them from their current location, but the Galician Government denied permission.

Feijóo recalled that the judicial process in which the Santiago City Council claims ownership of the two pieces has not concluded. In this litigation, he has wished "luck" to the council and has transferred his support. In a sentence of February 2019, the judge in charge of the case dismissed the lawsuit of the Santiago corporation, which appealed this decision.

Meanwhile, the head of the Galician Executive has considered that "the prudent thing" is that the statues continue in the own pazo. In the property, by court order, the process to do inventory of all the goods that are inside and avoid a new looting. Francisco Franco's grandchildren were preparing a move, in which they planned to remove trucks loaded with works of art and valuables from Meirás.


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