Feijóo asks for reason and discern between energy transition and "mutilation"

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, reacted on Friday night with great concern to the announcement of the board of Endesa that has approved to stop operating all its coal-fired thermal plants in the Peninsula and has asked to discern between energy transition and "mutilation".

He recalled that in the case of As Pontes (A Coruña), which is the one that affects Galicia, investments were made to operate beyond 2020, of 200 million euros, and, on the occasion of its presence in an institutional act In Mondariz (Pontevedra), the maximum regional president has slipped that the result cannot be the closure of an electric generation plant.

"Maximum concern", he acknowledged, and indicated that for a long time the need for a meeting between the central government, its Executive, trade union organizations and the epicenter of the controversy company to "avoid a decision" such as the which on this day has been known.

"There are 700 families behind," he said in reference to the high number of victims, and this figure has joined the "very hard impact" in the entire region of Ferrolterra and specifically in the City Hall of As Pontes.

"We cannot play with this kind of issues for another minute," he said, and has advanced that he requested an immediate meeting with all the agents involved in a serious problem in which he wishes that "there are neither colors nor matches" and yes instead "that we defend the rational".

"Energy transition yes; another thing is rupture, mutilation, fracture," he exemplified.

"We do not deserve it," he added, much less, has continued, with CO2 emissions adapted to European regulations, so "there is no reason for it to close" and whatever it is "families need alternative" .

"Galicia," he concluded, "does not deserve this distrust and, above all, this contempt, of not speaking, not communicating, not agreeing, not dialoguing, not negotiating," unless it happens, he has apostilled, for a "unilateral decision" and for the "absence of responsibilities of the central government".

So, he wanted "that all political forces know how to live up to it, because we play," he said, "that Galicia remains that autonomous community that produces more energy than it consumes."

And if Endesa As Pontes disappears, it will be "deficient", so that "we play a lot, we are right and we must take it to the table of the Council of Ministers", as a unanimous request "of Galicia with reason and arguments" .

Endesa's announcement of the discontinuity of the operation at the plant could mean its closure in the future, but for this the company must request it from the Ministry for Ecological Transition, which is responsible for authorizing the closures of power generation plants.

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