Feijóo announces a "gradual" de-escalation in Galicia and his councilor for Health responds that "not applicable"

For the second time in a week, the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has announced that Galicia is coming to the beginning of the de-escalation. The first time was last Monday , when he did so without previously consulting the clinical committee that advises the decisions taken by the Xunta. This Wednesday, the Galician baron of the PP has once again insisted from the gallery of the Galician Parliament on the idea of ​​lifting restrictions. The answer to his words has been found in the mouth of his councilor for Health, Julio García Comesaña, who after meeting with the clinical committee has assured that his boss's proposal "does not apply."

Feijóo announces without consulting the clinical committee that he will lift part of the restrictions in Galicia next week

Feijóo announces without consulting the clinical committee that he will lift part of the restrictions in Galicia next week

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According to Feijóo's announcement, the Xunta will launch a "measure" and "gradual" de-escalation to "not take false steps" in the fight against covid-19 in Galicia. In his speech, although he has not revealed the dates that the Xunta is considering to begin this gradual opening of the restrictions, Feijóo stressed that the "fruits" of the decisions taken after the meeting of the clinical committee on January 13th. "And this week we will see with more intensity those adopted on January 26," he indicated.

For the Galician health chief, the situation map is quite different. Just an hour after Feijóo spoke to the deputies, García Comesaña spoke to journalists, after the meeting of the clinical committee. "It would be unwise to start talking about de-escalation," Comesaña said in response to questions from journalists who asked him to assess the announcement that had just been produced in the Galician Parliament. The councilor of Sanidade did not want to leave room for interpretations: "We have a long way to go in practical terms to talk about this de-escalation."

The contradiction between the two members of the same Government occurs when Galicia is about to complete its second week of perimeter confinement for all its municipalities, accompanied by a general closure of the hotel business. The restrictions were initially raised for three weeks, with the possibility of an extension. According to the data considered by the medical advisers, the community is still far from presenting incidence figures that allow a glimpse of light or signs of normality. Despite Feijóo's optimism, Julio García Comesaña is resounding: "To this day we can only talk about maintaining the measures and continuing to ask the population for an additional effort."


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