Feijóo and Moreno will have to pay the Vox rate

It usually happens in electoral campaigns that the more problems a party has, the more cool its leader gets. For this reason, Santiago Abascal announced in Marbella last Sunday that "Vox's puncture is going to become a lunge to the ball", surely inspired by his idea that to explain things to Andalusians there is nothing better than talking about bulls. What is beyond any doubt is that Vox faces the last days of the Andalusian campaign with less expectations than with which it began.

It began singing imperial glories when Macarena Olona stood before a statue of Isabel La Católica with the message that her followers were waiting for: "Vox is out to win. From Granada, I claim at the feet of Isabel La Católica and Christopher Columbus that Spain, Andalusia , Granada and Santa Fe are the cradle of Hispanism". From there, everything went downhill.

Luckily it did not reach the end and did not adopt as its own legend says that queen elizabeth he made a promise related to his wardrobe before the war. "I will not change my shirt until we reconquer Granada." With this heat wave, it would have been difficult for journalists to approach Olona for the typical canutazo. There is a limit to the sacrifices that can be demanded of campaign journalists.

After achieving a good result in Castilla y León with an unknown candidate, Vox hoped to break the bench with Olona, ​​a hammer of red heretics in Congress. He discovered that the shouts in the tribune of the Congress they impact much more than in the rallies, where the truth is that all the candidates scream until they lose their voice. In an almost unprecedented move, Olona disappeared for three days into the campaign with no rallies scheduled on his schedule. Another manipulation of the media, Vox responded, because she was planning to visit an avocado plantation and a street market on those days. The typical places where elections are won.

The chulería, that is not lacking. Olona was bragging that Moreno would be his vice president on the Board. The shocks with reality are harder in a campaign. In the end, Abascal gave up reconquests and other tricks and appealed to numbers in a way that he had not done before. To make it clear and crystal clear that Vox will not support a Moreno government in which it is not present, he stated this week that his demand does not depend on any result in seats. He even accepted as a hypothesis that Vox could stay in the lower part of the range that some polls give it. If they have to settle for 15 seats, a small increase that he does not give to compare with any queen of the past, they will also demand a coalition government, like that of Castilla y León. "Whoever wants us to give away the votes, to vote for the PP," Abascal said this week.

A long time has passed since the regional elections of 2019, when Vox did not have enough courage to negotiate hard with the PP. Faced with minimal doubts about whether the PP would vote in favor of the election of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Madrid, Federico Jiménez Losantos beat Iván Espinosa de los Monteros so badly that they almost had to carry the deputy out of the radio studio on a stretcher. Now, stepping on the accelerator in Andalusia, Abascal is working on his position as vice president of a hypothetical government chaired by Alberto Núñez Feijóo. The party of no to everything has decided to say yes to entering real power, the same place where the leads melted to the far-right parties in Italy and Austria that took that step. For Vox, there is no turning back.

The new leadership of the PP tried to go over the pact with Vox in Castilla y León as if all this had happened in a distant Asian republic. Something that did not concern him. Feijóo gave Mañueco a free pass in the negotiations and disregarded the matter. With Andalusia, he will not have it so easy. It is an autonomous community with more political weight and the leader of the party there is its main partner in the PP. Even so, Feijóo will surely put himself in profile again, according to his strategy that it is the regional barons who must make their decisions without waiting for Genoa to tell them what step they should take at each moment. For the same reason, the national leadership is not responsible for what happens there.

It is a maxim of Feijóo since his time as president of the Xunta. Any decision that I should not make does not have to harm me. Regarding decisions that only I can make, the later the better, and it's rude to ask. If a PP-Vox Government is formed in Andalusia, it will be impossible for it to continue with this simulation exercise in which experience cannot be denied.

Moreno Bonilla has played not answering journalists' questions about the government he could lead. He does nothing but brag about how well he is doing in the polls and at the same time refuses to accept the conclusions that those polls present. If they ask him if he will form a government with Vox, he replies that why is there such a hurry? "I can repeat it a hundred million times. When I get to the river, I'll cross the bridge," is one of his favorite responses.

He seems unaware that one-liners lose their luster when repeated ten times, let alone a hundred million.

The enigma does not have the level of intrigue of an Agatha Christie novel. The PP needs the Andalusian elections to offer it a message of success, which involves forming a government after enjoying a clear increase in votes, not getting stuck with an electoral repetition that makes one think that the same thing will happen in the national elections.

Moreno did say on Wednesday that "the red line is the Statute of Autonomy." The only thing missing was for the president of a regional government to say something else. At least he was somewhat specific. By impassable red line, he meant climate change and violence against women. As if that is going to help him a lot with Vox. The controversy over the alleged sex education book that Olona took out in the Canal Sur debate who has never actually used the board You will have confirmed how your future partner spends them.

The Olona that appears in El Intermedio boasts that her most famous face is "a mixture of seductress and serial killer". The problem for Moreno and Feijóo is that they are not sure that it is a parody.

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