June 18, 2021

FedEx cancels its plans to send packages from Miami to Cuba

FedEx cancels its plans to send packages from Miami to Cuba

US express courier service provider FedEx has canceled its weekly package delivery plans from Miami (Florida) to Matanzas / Varadero (Cuba), a specialized media reported today.

In a letter sent to the US Department of Transportation, the second largest courier company in the world announced the "immediate" cancellation of the package delivery plans planned five times a week between Miami and Matanzas / Varadero, Aircargo said. News

FedEx, which had requested several extensions to the start date of its operations, will study and evaluate other service options for Cuba.

In its last request for postponement of June 14, the company based in Memphis (Tennessee) explained that it should "guarantee" to service providers key operations such as "customs clearance and delivery by land".

"The company must guarantee these express delivery services for which FedEx is globally recognized and, at the same time, remains within the laws, regulations and policies in force in the US and Cuba," said the courier giant. Express.

In July 2016, the US authorities gave permission to FedEx to launch its service between Cuba and the United States, which was scheduled to start in April 2017.

But relations between the United States and Cuba have "cooled" since then and the current US president, Donald Trump, has set more stringent controls to do business with the Caribbean island, said the media.


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