Fedetaxi will denounce to Fomento in Brussels for state aid to the VTC

Fedetaxi will denounce to Fomento in Brussels for state aid to the VTC

Contrary to what one would expect, it will be the taxi that opens hostilities in the courts by the decree-law that regulates the activity of rental vehicles with driver (VTC) and that is in force since the end of September. Fedetaxi, the majority association of the sector, today held a meeting in Brussels with the Taxieurope Alliance (TEA) technicians in order to finalize the details of the complaint filed against the Ministry of Public Works "as a result of state aid prohibited by the Treaty of the European Union and in which compensation could be incurred for the six or more years granted to companies holding VTC authorizations not to be reversed in the parliamentary phase which have been established by the Government and its partners through the recent validation of the Royal Decree-Law 13/2018 ", as explained in a statement.

Broadly speaking, the regulations allow VTC companies to continue operating as they have been during the next four years. Afterwards, vehicles of this type that do not have a second municipal or autonomous license will be banned from working in the cities and will only be able to do so in the interurban area, a measure that is intended to rebalance the ratio of one VTC for every 30 taxis that were set the PP in another decree-law and that now is widely surpassed – at this moment, it does not even reach 1 / 6-.

The introduction of this extension left dissatisfied both the taxi and the VTC. The taxi considers it excessive because it supposes to consolidate during a long period the situation of, in its judgment, lack of regulation with which operate platforms such as Uber or Cabify. The VTC sector, however, believes that those vehicles that are expelled from the cities within four years are being expropriated a use of their license that should be compensated with money or, where appropriate, with a longer period of time that those four years -24, according to his calculations-. Fomento, however, does not see it that way, but to cover its back, it will allow the VTC sector to continue working as it has done during the extension period. With this, he considers that, those who wish it, will be able to recover their investment and leave the market. In exceptional cases, they would allow the term to be extended.

Fedetaxi will also request that a fund be created, to which the VTC platforms contribute, to compensate them for the "disruptive and illegitimate" irruption of companies such as Uber or Cabify.


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