Federer's obscenity that chairwoman Marijana Veljovic did not dare to repeat at the Australian Open

Roger Federer suffered a lot during his match, against the rival and against the chair judge Marijana Veljovic, who gave him a warning at a difficult time in the third set.

The Swiss did not know what had happened: "Code violation, audible obscenity, Mr. Federer," she explained. Roger Federer did not understand: "What did I say?" Insisted the later winner of the game.

But she did not dare to repeat it: "I cannot repeat that but I have heard it clearly."

Federer missed the game and was injured: Sometimes he hopes everything is solved by calling the doctor but this was not the case. That third set was already half lost so it was a matter of calibrating what I had and what not in my game. In the fourth set I discovered somehow that things could end quickly or that I could still endure a little. He got the break because he was playing very well, "said the Swiss later. He thought that his participation in the Australian Open ended there:" Most of the time I thought that everything ended there. It is true that there are moments where you think maybe . When I won the fourth set I did think I could turn the game around. He was getting good and it was difficult for me to create opportunities, especially after the breakpoint I had where he saved him on the net. I thought that had been my opportunity and that I was not going to have more but when I got 4-2 I thought again that I could go back ”.

The tournament is being tough for him: “This is being tough in many ways. There are easier and more complicated. Today I don't feel that I spent a lot of emotional energy because everything happened quickly and I understood that things were not going as I wanted. Instead of thinking about them, I just played and saw what I could do, ”he says.


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