Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Federer makes fun of Nike designs

Federer makes fun of Nike designs

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Roger Federer is at war with the sports brand that he wore. In the background, the rights for the RF logo, that the tennis player considered his (they are his initials), but that Nike had remained until the end of last March. The Swiss player decided to change in mid-2018 to the American sponsor for the Japanese Uniqlo, with which he signed a contract of 300 million dollars for 10 years, although he does not have so many career. The change was bad for many of their fans, who complained on social networks. The first time he wore the new clothes was in the past Wimbledon and now that Nike has stopped selling products with the RF logo, the winner of 20 "Grand Slams" has charged, in an interview with "Women's Wear Daily", against the brand with which he was 24 years. «I felt that sometimes I wore clothes that did not look good. They went very far in the wrong direction. They wanted T-shirts that looked too modern with respect to their design and it looked as if a truck had gone over them, or with "funky" drawings, and in a sport with so much history ... You know, the tennis polo is very iconic», Federer assured.

The current number four in the world has just won the 1,000 Masters in Miami and the next appointment he has in mind is in Madrid, since in 2019 he has decided to play some tournaments again on the European clay-court tour. Maybe it's in the capital of Spain where the Swiss woman with the RF logo on her dress will be seen again.


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