FEDA seeks new areas of collaboration in renewable energies with EDF

FEDA seeks new areas of collaboration in renewable energies with EDF

The company Forces Elèctriques d'Andorra (FEDA) evaluated today with the French electricity company EDF new fields of collaboration in renewable energies after the approval of the Law of Promotion of the Energy Transition and Climate Change in the Principality.

The president of FEDA and the Andorran Minister for Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability, Sílvia Calvó, the company's general director, Albert Moles, and EDF's president, Jean-Bernard Lévy, participated in the meeting in Paris.

The aim of the meeting was to "further strengthen" the cooperation between the two companies, which dates back to 30 years ago and was reinforced in October last year with the signing of an agreement protocol that opened new avenues of work, according to Calvó.

This protocol is part of the policy of diversification of FEDA activities at the energy level and industrial and technological projects.

To be able to support a partner with the knowledge and the size of EDF "allows developing projects of cogeneration and implementation of renewable energies very quickly", added the minister after the appointment held in the EDF Electric Days room, which shows the innovations of the French group and other associated firms.

Moles explained to EFE that the meeting served to evaluate how his collaboration can advance after the approval last September by the Andorran General Council of the Law of Promotion of the Energy Transition, which regulates a more sustainable energy model.

Among the challenges of the sector, he added, is the "decarbonization of energy", the production of green energy or the cessation of CO2 emissions to curb the impact on climate change.

"We must be able to buy these new energies or produce them locally," Moles said. In his opinion, the Principality is well positioned because "all production is renewable or very efficient" and lacks "old technology centers".

The general director of FEDA considered that Andorra can "make the energy transition faster and smoother than other major countries" and stressed that these periodic meetings serve to take stock of bilateral collaboration and examine the following steps.

"The Government has a central axis that is the energy transition, we are working to finalize future projects and a large company like EDF can bring industrial knowledge to FEDA", concluded the minister.

The collaboration on energy between Andorra and France began two years ago and has been reinforced with a roadmap for which an agreement of intentions was signed last July.


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