Fear that Tenerife will spread its plague of "voracious" termites to other islands – La Provincia

Fear that Tenerife will spread its plague of "voracious" termites to other islands - La Provincia

Fernando Sabaté, spokesman and adviser of the group of Podemos in the Cabildo de Tenerife, has warned the island government of CC-PSOE during the plenary committee of Sustainability and Environment held on Friday at the insular institution that "the slow reaction capacity that this administration and the Government of the Canary Islands in front of the voracious plague of invasive termites " that affects Tenerife, "is contributing not only to its spread through this island, but also, every day that passes increases the risk that Tenerife spreads this plague to other islands of the Archipelago, to the Peninsula and even to other European territories. "

Sabaté explains that in the part of Tenerife affected by the plague of subterranean termites of North American origin Reticulitermes flavipes, "There are located several companies that sell plants inside and outside of this Island." The insular and regional Agriculture Ministries should contact these companies urgently to establish the necessary preventive protocols and ensure that Tenerife does not become a propagator of this pest, something that it would have very serious consequences that could seriously compromise the image and economy of the island. "

The counselor of Podemos regrets in this regard that the insular councilor of Agriculture, Jesus Morales, will be absent from the plenary committee when the problem of termites was addressed. "It is not admissible for a councilor of the government group to be absent or not present during the entire plenary committees of the Cabildo", criticized given the importance of being involved in this matter.

Remember that the voracity of this invasive insect that, at the moment, lacks natural predator, that in our territory, supone a serious ecological, agricultural, landscape, patrimonial and even economic risk to affect homes, crops, plants and trees, pulp, paper and textiles. "The magnitude of the problem affecting Tenerife is such and the reaction of administrations and responsible agencies so slow, that not even the risk of the pine forests of the Island has been calculated. "And he points out that the initial estimate of the current cost to deal with this plague "has gone from one million euros to 10 million, an amount that could increase when the degree of propagation is studied."

Sabaté values ​​positively that since We can opened formal debate on termites in the Cabildo, "there have been some advances". Remember that when he asked about this matter in the plenary committee in December, the person in charge of the Environment, José Antonio Valbuena,It gave the assurance that the first measures were beginning to be implemented and that the need to establish mechanisms for coordinated and efficient action among the administrations involved was pending. "In the February commission we have detailed that there have been meetings of coordination between the Cabildo de Tenerife, the Government of the Canary Islands and the municipalities of La Laguna and Tacoronte to study the steps to follow." However, he points out, "Arona has not been included in these meetings even though the termite plague has also been detected in an establishment in the Americas, several media outlets have criticized the lack of information and advice that affects the population affected by these termites and, in fact, has not even been formally declared the existence of this plague.

"Ultimately," Sabaté said, "much remains to be done to have these insects minimally controlled, which apparently arrived in Tenerife between 2000-2004 and that have reached serious problem category, firstly, due to the failure of the controls on the entry of species to the Island and, later, the passivity shown by the responsible administrations until this problem has become viral in the media and social networks ". from now on, the responsibility and the political rigor prevail to guarantee control of this plague before its expansion and potential effects are devastating, "concluded the insular spokesman for Podemos.


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