July 27, 2021

FC Barcelona: Valverde: "I love Inter's proposal" | sports

FC Barcelona: Valverde: "I love Inter's proposal" | sports

What was presumed a Calvary by the absence of Messi, the Barca He turned it into a sweet because he beat Inter, Sevilla and Madrid, also Rayo with troubles. "We need Leo to return as soon as possible because he always plays well and because he is very important to us. But we have to wait and appreciate it because it's a security issue, "explained the technician. Ernesto Valverde about the injury in the arm of 10. "With his loss we were scared because he is the most important player in our team and in the world, but we have won all the matches and the good thing is that he has returned, even if he is not yet registered" Sergi Roberto joined, eager to see him before the Inter. A match that would win, would take Barça to the next phase of the Champions as first group (it is not mathematical, but almost). "Being in this situation in such a difficult group, with the option of passing after the fourth game is fine. But I do not want to venture. Let's play the game without thinking further. At the moment we are not classified ", sentenced the azulgrana technician to lower the soufflé.

He knows what Valverde is talking about, that in the previous season he saw how the tie against Roma was running away with all the wind in his favor. "The games away from home in recent years were not very good and we hope that it will come out as we played against Tottenham", he decided. Sergi Roberto. And Valverde focused on the virtues of Inter, since he has seven successive wins in Serie A, and six seconds to a point Juve intractable. "I guess it will be a more aggressive opponent in the pressure, with its identity. That is to say, a very intense team that wants to dominate the game, handle the game and press high. It will be a complicated duel and we hope for the best Inter, "said Valverde, dazzled by the proposal of the opposing coach, Luciano Spalletti: "I like it, I will not deny it", Ernesto started; "It is a brave team, which has a plan and follows it to the letter. It's coming for you since the referee blows his whistle. Risk, defend well, is aggressive and winner. I love". Complaints that, however, do not take you out of your road map. "We need to control the game to have chances and we understand the domain through possession. They also try it with a goalkeeper who plays, means that are offered … But we must not forget that to win you have to be forceful in both areas, "he said.

Precisely, it is in his area where Barça accumulates the problems. "We work to generate goal situations and play with risk as Barcelona has always done. In the same way, we want the opponent to make us few goals and in that we are a little worse than last year ", accepted the Barça coach; "But what matters is winning and if we have problems behind we try to solve them ahead. I stay with the times that come to our goal … and sometimes they do not do so much ". And Sergi Roberto closed: "We have to do self-criticism, but we are calm because we are first in the League and well in the Champions League". So much, that to beat the Inter will pass round.

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