April 10, 2021

FC Barcelona: The symphony of Arthur or the 'heavy' of Arturo | sports

FC Barcelona: The symphony of Arthur or the 'heavy' of Arturo | sports

One of the priorities of the sports area of Barça when configuring the template during the two windows of signings was that the cards were not repeated because, they understood, with the rotations one could compete in the same way in LaLiga and the Champions, also in the Cup. "They wanted the team to have resources to measure themselves with any team, out of touch or shock, of those who are planted in their area or those who push up, "they point out from the top spheres of the club. "We always try to preserve the style with players that adapt to the characteristics of the game that has defined us for many years, but it is not always possible," they admit from the offices of the Camp Nou. Thus, in summer two players arrived for the same site as antagonistic as useful to the coach's eyes, because it gives them both prominence and compliments. One is Arturo Vidal (San Joaquín, Chile, 31 years old), that overflows impetus, character, bewilderment, strength; and the other is Arthur (Goiânia, Brazil, 22 years old), which oozes class, criterion, intelligence, precision. Thus, with the presumed security that before the Madrid will leave the game Rakitic is the third most minutes (2,567) after Piqué (2,700) and Jordi Alba (2,577) – the other will be between Arthur or Arturo. Symphony or chaos.

Valverde fulfills the premise of the rotations with these two players; while Arthur has played 1,531 minutes (862 in LaLiga), Arturo has 1,369 (821 in domestic competition). "We are super happy with both of you. With Arthur it is logical because he has fitted with our style because he is one of those players, like De Jong, which comes out once every many years. And with Vidal also because it gives us a lot and above all characteristics that no other means offers. "

Heat maps make it clear that Arthur plays on the left a little behind, because he goes down to receive, play or tour, always with the pass in his head because he has 811 in LaLiga. Arturo, however, is deployed on the right and more advanced to try to liaise with Messi, so it is not surprising that he counted 533 deliveries in LaLiga and 78 of them were for Leo. The Brazilian is more related to Alba (158 passes) than to 10 (74), determined not to lose the treasure. "Against Girona, when the team won by 0-1 and the opponent was left with one less but began to tighten, Arthur came out and the duel was anesthetized," they say from the sports city. "Arthur came so that the style lasts. He is very safe with the ball, he always wants it and manages it well, "he praised Valverde.

Vidal does not guarantee possession, but he does print rhythm and surprises. "It's the mess and that's why we brought it, because it's very different from the rest," they explain from the club. And they refer to recent moments. "In the Copa comeback to Sevilla, it was seen who is Arturo in the 5-1, when he stole the ball that Alba focused and Luis Suarez finished," they say. A robbery that he repeated before Valencia, when he went to pressure to Messi achieve the tables. "Goes to a ball that no other Barca midfielder would go to squeeze", they praise him from the club; "Because it goes and goes and goes forward. That's why he has made few goals for what comes to the area. But it will begin to add so many because it is a matter of gusts and is always on the site. " But does he steal more Vidal balls than Arthur? The statistics say no, since the Brazilian has 62 recoveries by 44 of the Chilean. "The key", insist from Barça, "is where robberies occur; It is not the same near our area as the rival's. "

It is known that Madrid is a vertical team and fast in transitions. It remains to be seen what Valverde prioritizes, whether the touch or the rapture. But Arthur has played all the Champions League games and did not lose his place against Valencia, Sevilla three times, Madrid and Atlético, but he started on the bench against Athletic and Atlético, who demand more physical. Vidal, on the other hand, left the game in those two games and also in the last against Valencia, but lost the ownership in the rest except in the first leg shock against Sevilla. "From the start or from the bench, Arturo always gives us things", he released as a track Valverde. Gone are, however, Arturo's outbursts, which claimed more minutes at the beginning of the course. "Behind that image he has, he's a great boy. Before signing it, he asked the first swords that had been with him about his behavior and everyone told us we would not have problems, "they slip from the club. With Arthur they do not doubt either: "He is very intelligent and professional, a boy of 10." Night and day; classical or rock music; Arthur or Arturo.


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